The Uplifting Effects of Vidya Tantra

By Dr Dhruba Hojai

In the Ananda Marga system there are six lessons in meditation. One cannot go to the next higher lesson unless and until the groundwork is prepared in the lower lessons. Each lesson is related to the chakras (nerve plexuses) of the spinal chord which awakens with the practice of spiritual meditation. It is saddening to note that there are many gurus exploiting the common people in society in guise of spiritual masters virtually turning away from Vidya Tantra (scientific yoga) into Avidya Tantra (mesmerism) and establish money spinning rackets.

Shrii P.R.Sarkar termed the yogic postures as "innercises" or exercise of the internal organs and the endocrine glands (hormone secreting glands). According to the Upanishads (sacred books of the Hindus), there are more than 5000 yogic asanas in existence. However, only three to four yogic asanas or innercises each day are sufficient for the maintenance of psycho-physical wellbeing of an individual. This in turn depends upon what type of yogic asanas are required for a particular individual. The asanas are prescribed by an Acharya (teacher).

It has been observed that many of so called self-styled Yoga teachers have been able to convince some sections of the pubic the benefits of three to five common yoga asanas. The disciple at first, will feel good with positive vibes absorbed as he is in a collective atmosphere. It is just like going through a phase of cocaine or hash try. Once they return to their regular business, the effects of the vibes wear off. The mental stress return even after doing the exercises taught to them regularly for many days. They are then bound to return to their guru (usually by paying hefty consultation fees) and thus they become trapped in the vicious cycle. This process is called Avidya Tantra. The mental stress cannot sublimate out of the mind and body.

Instead, Vidya Tantra must be practised by every individual in order to attain equipoised state of body and mind.It is only through the correct practice of the various stages of meditation that one can attain salvation. Avidya Tantra causes imbalance in both body and mind.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji gifted the present and future civilisations with 5018 "Prabhat Sangit" which are or the songs of crimson dawn. The Prabhat Sangits are the modern version of the Vedas. Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji also said that "Kiirtan" or praising God aloud in a loud voice in unison with minimum of at least five people is a very important component of spiritual practice. Doing profound kiirtan charges the spot with positive microvita and vibrates the highest nerve plexus in the head or Sahasrara chakra or the crown plexus. The positive vibes thus gathered in the crown plexus have to subsequently be sublimated out of our bodies through the first lesson of meditation in order to bring us back to reality.

In conclusion, we should learn Yoga or meditation from an Acharya or a teacher who is authorised to do so by the collective body in Yoga. Each lesson is related to the respective chakra or plexus in the spinal chord which awakens with the practice of Yoga for self realisation or God. This process is called Yoga which is in essence the path to Ananda or "Absolute Bliss".

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  1. I am not aware of any availability of books on  Assamese version on step by step practice for yugo with scientific explanation on benefit of each yugo need to be introduced at the primary school for a discipline society.

    1. You can read this book – (English though) "KUNDALINI AN UNTOLD STORY: A HIMALAYAN MYSTIC'S INSIGHT INTO THE POWER OF KUNDALINI AND CHAKRA SADHANA" (by Om Swami – an adept Yogi). The book gives details on the origin, background as well as step-by-step process of how to awaken the latent energy. Also contains description of author's own struggle and eventual experience of the awakening. (it requires lot of effort, but results are beyond any expectation, as you'd find out upon reading the book.)


      From the book:


      Like  a  caterpillar  breaks  free  of  the  cocoon  and  flies  off  a  butterfly,  at the  awakening  of  kundalini,  you  break  free  of  your  conditioning.  A  new ‘you’  is  unveiled  from  underneath.  Layers  of  anger,  hatred,  jealousy, selfishness,  attachments  and  ego  are  removed  at  the  piercing  of  each chakra,  and  you  become  a  living  reflection,  an  embodiment,  of  Devi herself.  This  transformation  brings  about  an  inexplicable  feeling  of oneness  with  the  cosmic  energy,  a  tremendous  feeling  of  fearlessness.


  2. You're right Chandra Sekhar Sarmah.There are no books of the step by step explanation of Yoga neither in Assamese nor in other languages.Vidya tantra was being practised in Bharat Varsha even before the Arayans came to India by the indeginous.The Vedas was brought in by the Arayans.It was Lord Shiva  who blended the Tantra and Vedas 7000 years ago.In an effort to unite the Arayans,the Dravidians and the Mongolians of India,Shiva married three wives,viz Parbati,Kali and Ganga from the three communities respectively. As wrongly believed, Ganga was not daughter but Mongolian wife of Shiva.That's how the three communities remained united in India.But subsequently, the Vedas took the upper hand during the Mahabharata age (Khatria Yug).In the Mahabharata age,the Vedas taught invasions and animal sacrifices viz,Ashamveda or horse sacrifice.The Arayans have maintained their supremacy since the Mahabharata age in all the societies of the world.The advent of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji in the 20th century is supposed to be doing away with any type of supremacy in the relm of physical, mental or spiritual spheres.He streamlined the process of Tantra and Vedas by blending the two into one unique spiritual process called "Yoga" for the all-round development of both individuals and societies.Therefote,Yoga is more of practice and less of theory .Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar started a new school wherein both the Renunciats(monks and nuns or teachers) and Grihis(house holders) live in symbiosis for the all-round development of the societies.

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