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(PROUT Globe) – Human beings share a fair number of mental characteristics. One is that they degrade by heeding debasing instincts and sentiments. Another is the sentiment to live together and not alone. These two basic traits of human mind make for some thinking in socio-economic and political fields. We want to live together and in order to do it we need to constantly elevate and not vitiate our individual and collective mentality.

A primary riddle any society faces is how to share its wealth – material, mental and spiritual wealth. These three types of wealth each have their specific area of application and effect on both individual and collective life.

Material wealth is limited in both existence and scope. It is also of absolute necessity to each of us in terms of physical existence. In order for all of us to have enough food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education, material wealth must therefore be shared by all properly.

The proper sharing of physical wealth calls for some rational decision-making based on subtler values. The natural downward trend of the mind – toward narrow-mindedness, groupism, hankering after selfish enjoyment, etc. – can’t possibly lead to just decisions in this area. Conversely, the consequence of opting for higher values would be that people with a minimum of spiritual and moral consciousness should be entrusted with important collective decision-making.

How can we determine who among us are potential leaders with such qualities? Instead of guessing or listening to what political fortune hunters have to say, we may simply look at people’s active social service record, their lifestyle, their general way of interacting with others. In short; we may try to get an understanding about the basic values that move them in life. People who consistently put subtle human values into action should be encouraged and supported to take up leadership in their locality and at higher levels.

If we were really smart we would especially encourage those who actively seek social and spiritual enlightenment for themselves and others to decide for us in collective matters, not those who follow the slippery slope downward.

The primary duty of suitable administrators would be to first take into consideration everybody’s general needs. Once these have been secured for all, special material needs and just deserts should be determined and provided – the socially meritorious and those with urgent needs should be allowed to share the surplus in order to create a further forward trend.

In order to achieve these goals, no one should be allowed to accumulate any physical wealth beyond the basic necessities without permission from society.

Over and beyond that, administrators have to see to it that everybody’s subtle and spiritual needs are fulfilled. While crude matter belongs to the outer world, mental and spiritual wealth is an inner property of human beings. Such wealth may therefore be shared by all without dividing it. It is therefore not harmful if anybody goes ahead and realizes as much as he or she can of the mental and spiritual.

Acquisition of non-material wealth is beneficial and necessary for a strong political structure that can safeguard just administration of material wealth. Access to the subtle and spiritual spheres should be unbarred.

The duty of social leadership is to ensure that each and every citizen can make efforts to expand his or her mental and spiritual pabulum and use it for the benefit of others. This progressive socio-economic principle is the only guarantee that the natural downward trend of the mind – individual or collective – is checked and permanently remedied.

Here we observe the following: Physical wealth may be shared justly by all only if everybody’s access to it is limited, whereas mental and spiritual wealth may be shared by all only if unlimited access to them is effected. And the success of the former depends on the materialization of the latter.

Neither capitalism nor communism was able to share material wealth in a progressive manner, not to speak of subtler wealth. It is up to a new generation of seekers of consciousness to ensure that all types of wealth are being harnessed and put to progressive use within a well functional socio-political set-up.

An age of selfish material greed is nearing its logical end. Let us join in the new movement, and put worldly wealth into proper perspective in order to allow ourselves to enjoy the unlimited for the benefit of all.

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