Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar on Society and Social Unity

Society is like a company of pedestrians going on a pilgrimage. Suppose one among them is attacked by cholera, do the rest go on their way, leaving him behind? No, they cannot. Rather, they break their journey at the place for a day or two, relieve him from the disease and help him to acquire strength in his legs. Or, they start out anew, carrying him on their shoulders. If anyone runs short of his subsistence, others give him their own. Together, they share everything with all. Together, they stream ahead, singing their leading chorus. In their eagerness to go ahead with others, they forget their trifling differences which in their families might have lead to negative exchanges and court cases, even down to three generations.

The essence of cooperation born of moving together, aims at widening or expanding the mental being of a person by striking down one’s barriers of meanness again and again. And hence, I reiterate that society is like such a batch of pilgrims gathering a strange power of mind in travelling together and with its help, solving all the problems of their individual and social life.

From Supreme Expression II

From the first expression of moralism, to the establishment in cosmic humanity, there is a gap. The concerted effort to negotiate this gap is termed as social progress, and the collective body of those who are engaged in this concerted effort I shall call the “society.”

From Human Society I

Encourage everyone to build their careers in a nice way. Let none get the scope to think that their lives have become meaningless.

– Statement on his birthday, May 1963

The entire humanity of this universe constitutes one singular people. The whole humanity is bound in fraternity: those who are apt to remain oblivious to this very simple truth, those who are prone to distort it, are the deadliest enemies of humanity. Today’s humanity should identify these foes fully well and build a healthy human society totally neglecting all obstacles and difficulties.
It must be borne in mind that as long as a magnificent, healthy and universalistic human society is not well established, humanity’s entire culture and civilization, its sacrifice, service and spiritual endeavour (sádhaná) will not be of any worth whatsoever.

– New Year’s statement, January 1973

Lack of unity among the members of society, because of too much self-interest in the individual members, formation of sects for economic or social advantages, lack of understanding of others, not only brings the downfall of society, but also will wipe it completely from the face of the earth. Instances of so many sects and empires disappearing altogether are not rare in the history of this world.

– From Tattvika Praveshika

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