No Gorkhaland in Bengal; Amra Bengali Youth

[Siliguri, 19 July 2017] – More than 5000 supporters of the Amra Bengali movement gathered at Siliguri, braving all the obstacles and brought out an impressive procession to protest against the heinous conspiracy to break Bengal and India with the tacit support of China.

The most important feature of the gathering was the fighting spirit and unfathomable inspiration that the youth was expressing. There was a street drama, slogans in support of united Bengal and exposing of the conspiracy behind the demand for Gorkhaland.

The leaders in their speeches dealt in with the history of Gorkahs, history of Darjeeling and surrounding area, how Gorkhas who came from Nepal to Bengal in search of jobs and are now demanding Gorkhaland from within the boundaries of Bengal.

They vowed that this demand can never be accepted because it is against Bengal, India and the Indian ethos.

In spite of peak season of farming, thousands came from villages, towns, and also from the cities.

2 thoughts on “No Gorkhaland in Bengal; Amra Bengali Youth”

  1. I'm afraid you need to do more to spread your message more effectively. The Nepalese have been far more effective in propagating their illegal demand in international media let alone national media which is anti Bengal.

    There are several Bengali journalists both in print and TV media. You need to contact them to create awareness about this illegal movement by foreigners to usurp Bengali lands.

    I'll also request you to float another website called Amra Bangali instead of proutglobe which isn't as catchy as the former. I was searching for Amra Bangali website and with great difficulty I could locate this site. 

  2. Protest march by 1000 people is impressive but it is far more effective to educate more than billion population of India through TV and print media who are the Gorkhas and why Gorkhaland is illegal. Why all treaties to provide autonomous Indian lands to Nepalese is illegal.

    The Nepalese are getting massive support from Nepal and China to destabilize India. As a start, I request you to call them Nepalese and not Gorkhas as there is no Indian ethnicity called Gorkhas. Calling them Gorkhas lends credence to their illegal demand.

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