Totalitarianism and Democracy

P.R. Sarkar
Question: How far can there be an adjustment between totalitarianism and the fundamentals of democracy?
Answer: Totalitarianism gives strong administration, which is good, but there are also demerits in this system. What are the merits of totalitarianism? In totalitarianism the government is strong, it is true, and power is highly concentrated. If the dictator is a strong moralist then the standard of morality of the society may rise very high. The military strength is increased and all the policies and planning of the government will be easily materialized. Most of the merits of the government are there. But the main demerit is that the public voice is suppressed. Humanity wants that it should have proper scope to express its psyche though one or other media of human expression. This is wanting in totalitarianism. In democracy also merits are there and demerits are there. The merits of democracy are never properly expressed. This is the main demerit of democracy: where the people are more socio-economico-politically conscious, conscious as human beings, democracy functions to some extent. But where this consciousness is lacking, democracy will be a mere farce. I did not say that this is the case with India, but India to some extent is like this. Have you understood?

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