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Totalitarianism and Democracy

P.R. Sarkar
Question: How far can there be an adjustment between totalitarianism and the fundamentals of democracy?
Answer: Totalitarianism gives strong administration, which is good, but there are also demerits in this system. What are the merits of totalitarianism? In totalitarianism the government is strong, it is true, and power is highly concentrated. If the dictator is a strong moralist …

Democracy in Practice

Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
What is the democratic way of life? It includes faith in human relations, tolerance, respect for opinions even if contradictory, equal justice and rights for all, freedom of thought and expression, to act according to one’s conscience, to do one’s rightful duty without fear, to support a government which a person has a voice in making and …

The Political System of PROUT

Dr. Ravi Batra
Every socio-economic system has a political system that supports it. PROUT is no exception. And as in all other respects it radically differs from current or past frameworks of government. It is based on strict morality, on what is good and shining in human beings. It contends that ever since the genesis of civilization some six thousand …

Society and State

Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
Sarkar has described the inner spirit of society as to move together. Society originated as a family in the early phase, and was strengthened subsequently under the guidance of group mothers and group fathers. With growing social complexity, group leaders emerged as monarchs. The emergence of classical religion made the social structure stronger under the dominance …

Fragile Political Democracy

P.R. Sarkar
It is claimed that democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people. After the early primitive (shu’dra) era power passed into the hands of tribal chiefs. In the course of time clan leaders became feudal kings. The theory of democracy was born out of feelings of revolt against the tyranny of …

The PROUT Companion: Political System

Q. What is the fundamental difference between the proutistic political system and other political systems with reference to motivation and structure?

The motivation and purpose behind the proutistic political system is basically to administer in a manner so that economic institutions are able to materialize the principles and policies of a progressive economy, and that the society progresses ahead with …