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We All Want More

By Dr. Ravi Batra
We all want more and more from life; seldom are we satisfied with what we have. There is hardly anyone content with his circumstances. Why is it so? What does it mean?

PROUT holds that human beings have a spiritual nature. They have needs that cannot be possibly satisfied with material objects. The human have needs …

The Ecology of Progress

“What we mean by progress in the physical world is only the awareness of pleasure. We either fail to see or purposely ignore the corresponding pain aspect, but the only real human progress is spiritual progress. Concern with the physical and intellectual field should be for the purpose of adjusting the base on which spiritual progress will thrive.” – P.R. …

Batra on Revolution, Persecution, Supply and Demand, Economic Democracy and Social Cycles

An interview on New Zealand National Radio on 5th November 2011

Dr Ravi Batra – Professor of economics at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, and the author of the 2008 book, The New Golden Age: The Coming Revolution against Political Corruption and Economic Chaos.   Original audio interview online

Prof Ravi Batra

Kim Hill:    Economist Dr Ravi Batra wrote a book …

Debt-unravelling, the Biggest Pain in the World

Southern Methodist University economics professor Ravi Batra says the financial crisis is just one symptom of a long-festering economic disease – a disease caused by neglecting basic economic principles over the past 30 years. The doctor’s medicine includes following policies that close a wage-production gap and going against policies that created it: free trade, regressive taxation, and merger mania.

In …

Sarkar, Toynbee and Marx

Dr. Ravi Batra
In attempting to unravel the mysteries of history in imputing order to the seemingly disorderly currents in the human past, in reaching out to the future, Sarkar has joined the august company of Toynbee, Marx, Hegel, Spengler, Wells, among many others; and in erudition and breadth of vision, he is not excelled by any. Quite a few …

Understanding PROUT

Dr. Ravi Batra
In 1977 I wrote a book entitled The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism, predicting that both systems would collapse by the year 2000. The intellectuals ignored and ridiculed my book because of its title that appeared outlandish to them. By now the Soviet style communism has breathed its last, whereas the Chinese version is much transformed …

The Political System of PROUT

Dr. Ravi Batra
Every socio-economic system has a political system that supports it. PROUT is no exception. And as in all other respects it radically differs from current or past frameworks of government. It is based on strict morality, on what is good and shining in human beings. It contends that ever since the genesis of civilization some six thousand …