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A New Conception of Progress

By Ravi Logan

The Illusion of Material Progress

The path of progress may not be straight and constant, but if looked at from a broad enough historical vantage, humanity has surely moved forward in many important respects. No longer does it seem reasonable to accept the view found in many ancient societies that patterns of social life are fixed, unchanging …

A New Definition of Social Progress

Every entity in this universe is moving–even inanimate objects vibrate on the atomic level. However, movement only has meaning or purpose when it is directed toward a goal. PROUT defines social progress as movement directed towards the goal of well-being for all, from the first expression of ethical consciousness to the establishment of universal Neohumanism.

The concept is similar to …

The Ecology of Progress

“What we mean by progress in the physical world is only the awareness of pleasure. We either fail to see or purposely ignore the corresponding pain aspect, but the only real human progress is spiritual progress. Concern with the physical and intellectual field should be for the purpose of adjusting the base on which spiritual progress will thrive.” – P.R. …

The Human Search for Real Progress

P.R. Sarkar
What is progress? Where movement is towards psycho-spiritual welfare it is called progress. Where movement is not associated with such welfare it is retardation. For instance, going up the hill or down are both movements, but in different directions.

What is progress in the real sense? Normally, people associate the word progress with scientific progress, but …

The Future of Civilization

P.R. Sarkar
Modern minds are often perplexed by the fear and doubt of the extinction of the human race within a short period. People deem that civilization is passing through a very critical phase and there is no possible escape from its total annihilation. But this can’t happen.

Both individuals and society are dependent on three factors for their existence: …

Civilization, Science and Spiritual Progress

P.R. Sarkar
Today, the subject of my discourse is “Civilization, Science and Spiritual Progress”. The collective name of different expressions of human life is culture. I may as well tell you at the very outset that culture is one for the whole human race.

What is civilization? The subtle sense of refinement that we come across in the different expressions …

Progress “No Longer What It Used To Be”

As is commonly known, technological advancement and material wealth may not always contribute to the common good. Living in an age of ecological concern we have in fact become all too familiar with widely contrasting facts such as:

  • The present average speed of cars in London during the rush hour: 13 kilometres per hour; the same as in the year