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Wealth and Potentialities of Our World

Trond Overland
There is a popular saying: “There is enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed.” PROUT says: There is enough for everyone’s need and for their deeper longing, and the realization of the two are inter-dependent. PROUT establishes its argument for proper utilisation and rational distribution in a world of limited physical resources. Let us see how …

Bad Habits Which Should Be Given Up

P.R. Sarkar
Philosophically speaking, defects and qualities may both be called bondages. That is, any idea which binds a person or an entity may be called a bondage. A defect may be called a negative quality. To accomplish anything in practical life, one must not only acquire certain positive qualities, but one must also avoid certain negative qualities. Intelligent people …

Utilize All Your Potentialities

P.R. Sarkar (21 April 1969, Manila)
This universe of ours is a Macropsychic conation. This entire Cosmological order is a Macropsychic conation. The people of the entire universe are the progeny and the Supreme Consciousness is the progenitor.

The microcosm cannot create anything original. The microcosm can create physical, mental and spiritual compounds. But nothing original can be created by …

Proper Utilization

From Samaj, a New Dimension on Politics, published by Proutist Universal Global Office.
The concept of utilization is not new. However, PROUT’s concept of utilization of all resources is unique. Resources are generally defined as society’s stock of capital, labor, land, mineral wealth, the level of education, knowledge and technology. Sarkar’s concept of resources implies a proper environment conducive …

Progressive Utilization

Acarya Krsnasevananda Avadhuta
By its very name PROUT reveals the spirit of its motivation, utilization. To use things, use people, to get everyone, everything and everywhere into the action. And to spread the burden of human need over as many diverse resources, on as many shoulders and over as wide an area as possible. To radiate our demands so they …

2nd fundamental principle of PROUT

There should be maximum utilization and rational distribution of all mundane, supramundane and spiritual potentialities of the universe.

Purport: The wealth and resources inherent in the crude, subtle and causal worlds should be developed for the welfare of all people. All resources hidden in the five fundamental factors – solid, liquid, luminous, aerial and ethereal – should be fully utilized …