Utilize All Your Potentialities

P.R. Sarkar (21 April 1969, Manila)
This universe of ours is a Macropsychic conation. This entire Cosmological order is a Macropsychic conation. The people of the entire universe are the progeny and the Supreme Consciousness is the progenitor.

The microcosm cannot create anything original. The microcosm can create physical, mental and spiritual compounds. But nothing original can be created by him or her. A microcosm should make maximum use of the world’s physical potentialities, mental and intellectual potentialities, and spiritual potentialities.

Each and every living being, each and every microcosm, has physical capacity, physical potentiality; mental and intellectual potentiality; and also spiritual potentiality. But you know, in the realm of physicality there are certain limitations; in physical structure a human cannot be stronger than an elephant or stronger than a rhinoceros. But in the realm of intellectuality, there is no such limitation; a human can acquire as much intellectual strength as he or she desires. The scope for development of intellectual potentialities, although not infinite, is immeasurable. That is, a human can acquire immeasurable mental strength by dint of his or her intellectual culture.

But in the realm of spirituality there is no limit at all. The spiritual strength that a person can acquire is not only immeasurable, but also infinite.

This special chance has been guaranteed only to human beings by the Supreme Progenitor. So each and every person, each and every individual, should make maximum utilization of this world. That is, one must not waste a single second in developing his or her intellectual capacity, intellectual potentiality and spiritual potentiality.

From: Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 23

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