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The End of Corruption

corruption1Jiitendra Singh (MD)
(June 2011) – Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption in India will fail just as Gandhi’s rosy dream of India did, albeit due to no fault of his own. It will fail not because of lack of sincerity and substance but because of reasons beyond his control:

  1. Corruption is not confined to bribes and financial misappropriation
  2. Lack of

Qualified Electorate

Under PROUT voting will not be an automatic right but a qualified responsibility. Is it democratic?

Everywhere in society one will find checks and balances. There is never a free-for-all wherever particular duties and responsibilities are involved.

In a job application only those with a relevant resumé will be accepted for the process. Voting is the biggest job in a …

Dialectical Materialism and Democracy

P.R. Sarkar
Social advancement is the triadic blending of thesis, antithesis and synthesis. When a particular theory or thesis loses its competence and power to effect the collective welfare, an antithesis is created against the prevalent theory. As a result of clash and cohesion between these two opposing forces a resultant is created, and this resultant is called synthesis. Is …

Individual Liberty and Collective Interest

Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
There is a general concept that ’to coerce a person is to deprive that person of his/her freedom’. But the question remains, ‘freedom from what?’. The liberal view is that one should be free to express one’s desires. But this is not so simple as it appears.

In so-called democratic countries, political freedom means voting rights, freedom …

California Goes for Progressive Voting

(June 9, 2010) – Voters in California have opted for a new ballot system that sends the top two vote-getters — regardless of party affiliation, or non-affiliation — into a final run-off. All the candidates in a primary election will run in the first round, and the top two vote-getters will then face each other in the general election. The …

Totalitarianism and Democracy

P.R. Sarkar
Question: How far can there be an adjustment between totalitarianism and the fundamentals of democracy?
Answer: Totalitarianism gives strong administration, which is good, but there are also demerits in this system. What are the merits of totalitarianism? In totalitarianism the government is strong, it is true, and power is highly concentrated. If the dictator is a strong moralist …