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Unity in Diversity: Samaj and Universality

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Planetary unity, if it is to become reality, must emerge in accord with human psychology. Forced unity will not succeed; nor can unity be awakened through preaching high ideals. Neither approach flows with human psychology; neither provides a foundation upon which to nurture universal outlook. Unity must evolve organically out of our human experience.

In the …

How to Unite Human Society

P.R. Sarkar
While trying to bring about the development and prosperity of individuals and society, we should encourage the common points only among different communities – not the points of difference. It is natural that there are differences in society concerning dress, customs, cultural expressions, food habits, language, etc. But if these points of difference are given undue importance, social …

Political and Cultural Thrust at PBI Harayana Convention

Delegates at the PBI Harayana State Convention, August 27th and 28th, 2011

(Delhi, August 29, 2011) – The two days Haryana state convention of Proutist Bloc of India (PBI) at Faridabad, India was attended by representatives of many Indian communities from Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Orissa and Bihar states. The 200+ delegates discussed proutistic solutions to current social and economic problems …

Act Locally, Think Universally

PROUT claims Universality but promotes groupification along ethnic, linguistic, socio-economic and other lines. Isn’t it a contradiction in terms?

PROUT’s concept of Samaj is dynamic and progressive. It is not a static concept such as nationalism. A samaj is defined by certain criteria, such as a common background, common needs, and common potentialities. Ultimately we all have the same background, …

Criteria for Socio-economic Groupification

P.R. Sarkar
While forming socio-economic units, several factors should be considered. These include same economic problems; uniform economic potentialities; ethnic similarities; the sentimental legacy of the people; and similar geographical features.

1. “Same economic problems” refers to the common economic problems confronting people in a particular unit and may include the lack of markets for locally produced goods, surplus or …

PBI Demands Vidarbha State

Proutist Block of India (PBI) rally claiming a sovereign Vidarbha state,
Delhi Feb 28 2011

(March – 2011) – The movement for an independent Vidarbha is part of a greater PBI strategy seeking to establish 44 genuine samajas — self-reliant socioeconomic zones — in India. “The Maharastra government is unable to develop the state’s eastern areas where economic conditions are …

Unity and Synthesis

P.R. Sarkar
In the practical sphere PROUT adopts the common factors amidst divergent views, and imposes these common factors on groups or bodies with conflicting interests by discouraging fissiparous tendencies. Thus PROUT advocates unity and synthesis in the face of diversity.

If we analyse recent historical developments we can see that wherever fissiparous tendencies arise and are allowed to dominate …