PROUT Slogans

Brief, electrifying slogans, about 5-12 words each, can inspire people and awaken their curiosity about PROUT. Choose your favorites, combine them, create your own. Put on banners, signs and T-shirts, with small letters at the bottom: “The Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT)” and the local web page.

A new vision for all living beings. Basic necessities for all.
Be a flame in the darkness.
Be a revolutionary guided by great feelings of love. – Che
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi
Birds need two wings to fly–society needs women’s equal and full participation.
Capitalism: Good for the rich, disastrous for the poor.
Capitalist exploitation is killing human beings and the planet.
Capitalist greed is a mental disease–try PROUT.
Capitalist greed is destroying our planet!
Co-ops are self-help, not charity.
Co-ops create jobs: 100+ million, more than corporations.
Co-ops empower people to decide their own future.
Co-ops with “coordinated cooperation” is the system of the future.
Cooperative enterprises build a better world.
Cooperatives are enterprises with a soul.
Cooperatives are the businesses of the future.
Corporate stores give your money to rich investors–buy local!
Cultural freedom, economic freedom, spiritual freedom!
Each person here = thousands suffering from global capitalism. Economic democracy through cooperatives, regional self-sufficiency.
Economic democracy, not political hegemony.
Economic democracy: Cooperatives of the people, by the people and for the people!
Economic democracy: Economic empowerment of people and communities.
Economic democracy: Economy of the people, by the people and for the people!
Economic liberation for all.
Economics from the heart.
Education and jobs will free all women from economic dependence.
End economic exploitation.
End hunger–there’s enough food on earth, but not enough will.
Ending repressive regimes starts at home.
Exploitation no more!
Fight for justice, meditate for inner peace.
For an exploitation-free society.
For personal and planetary transformation.
For the good of all beings.
Globalize humanity – localize the economy.
Globalize solidarity.
Grow your local economy.
Human beings of the world–unite!
Human society is one and indivisible.
Humanity is one and indivisible.
It is action that makes a person great.
Meaningful jobs with “living wages” is our right.
Money is a human invention, we CAN change the rules.
Neohumanism: Love for humanity and all living beings.
One billion people aren’t wrong: Co-ops work!
One people, one planet, one future.
Our culture is our strength!
Planet Earth has enough for everyone if we share.
PROUT, PROUT–the only way out!
PROUT: Alternative to “global colonialism”!
Rampant materialism is costing us the earth.
Rational distribution of wealth, basic necessities for all. Real education is that which leads to liberation.
Real solutions for a better world. Real wealth comes from within.
Reclaim the economy for the community. Revolution = total transformation.
Save an endangered species: Humans!
Self-reliance, cooperatives and spirituality.
Set maximum wages for the welfare of all.
Share the wealth through local, cooperative-based economies.
Sharing the wealth of our planet.
Support credit unions, not big banks.
The force that guides the stars guides you, too.
There is enough for everyone’s needs, not for everyone’s greed!
“There’s no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women improves.” – P.R. Sarkar
Think globally, act locally.
Together we can build a better world.
Transform yourself and transform society.
Transform yourself and transform the world.
Uniting communities for local self-reliance.
Unity in diversity!
We are all connected.
We are all together in this world.
We are one universal family.
We belong to the universe–discover divinity within you.
We have a dream–food for all, jobs for all!
We need a cap on wealth.
Where every life matters.
Working together for a new world.

Excerpted from After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action by Dada Maheshvarananda (Puerto Rico: Innerworld Publications, 2012):

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  1. I have a slogan. Hope you like it:
    “It is the need of the hour,
    Money with the people & moralists in the power.”

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