Wikileaks: The Public Desire The Truth

(December 2010) – WikiLeaks is not a model institution or something we really desire. As things stand however, it has emerged as a symptom of both a system gone very wrong and the persistent need for people to know the truth. We would probably be correct in saying that WikiLeaks is a harbinger of great truth.

“… a lot of face has been lost by some people, and some people have careers to make by pursuing famous cases, but that is actually something that needs monitoring,” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange stated when he was released on bail in London.

Monitoring is the key word here. The reality is that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Quite naturally, people who get into power tend to gradually support corruption directly by active participation or indirectly by choosing not to go against it.

PROUT supports complete transparency in socio-economic and political affairs. Amongst PROUT’s suggestions for democratic reform we find the introduction of social boards, representing the collective body of humanity, guaranteeing necessary action on important information.

In order to balance the corruptive force or dimension of power, PROUT’s social boards will have the acumen and means to bring to public notice any matter deemed necessary for the continuous progress of society. Their main source of force will be their respectability, social rapport and popularity earned by the strength of their social service record.

The strengthening of public awareness is always a good thing. When communication between parties is routinely carried out in a clandestine way, so much so that when bits of it is revealed, the messenger is judged to be a terrorist, it gives cause for review of the entire system to which top-secret public service communication has become so essential.

Society needs to have morally- and spiritually-capable people without direct political and socio-economic power watching those in power. WikiLeaks somehow assumes that role by proxy as it were, which explains the manifest polarity it has created.

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