An Entire Key Industry In For Monumental Transformation

Since the 1960s, the semiconductor industry has been a driver of global economic growth and social change. All countries involved want a large, viable semiconductor industry that provides high paying jobs. The ongoing technical and managerial crises needs a detail analysis to examine the industry from a macroeconomic perspective, helping readers understand how global competitive advantage can be won or lost unless good macroeconomic policies are implemented, the competent study of which is highly relevant in today’s world and to the super-dynamic semiconductor industry, as things move so fast in this digital age.

Sustaining Moore’s Law; Uncertainty Leading to certainty of IoT Revolution by Apek Mulay argues that the global semiconductor industry is headed for a monumental transformation to usher in the Internet of Things (Iot) revolution. The IoT revolution would connect 50 billion devices by end of 2020. This revolution aims at transforming the entire retail sales industry, aerospace and defens, wholesale distribution, utilities, oil and gas, mining and metal, industrial machinery and component manufacturing, chemical industry, automotive industry, etc.

Every aspect of IoT seems to be revolutionary. There is also a good chance for the IoT revolution to improve the quality of life for the entire human society. While technology has an important role to play in creating ample job opportunities in the global economy, if care is not taken by policy makers IoT market growth would be restricted.

World renowned professor of Economics and author of six international best sellers, Professor Ravi Batra, has written the foreword to the book. Professor Batra considers the solutions presented in this book to be both monumental as well as practical to implement. In 1978, to the laughter of many and derision of a few, Professor Ravi Batra authored a book The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism: A New Study of History. While his forecasts about collapse of communism earned him a gold medal of honor from the PM of Italy, he thinks that unless US capitalism reforms towards a free market economy, US capitalism is going to meet the fate of Soviet communism due to huge concentration of wealth in the economy. Mulay's new work places the same argument in novel compelling light.

This fascinating book does not focus only on technological growth but offers solutions to make that growth sustainable by a sustainable macroeconomic growth. It is published by Morgan and Claypool Publishers and will be available as an e-book end of August 2015.

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