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An Entire Key Industry In For Monumental Transformation

Since the 1960s, the semiconductor industry has been a driver of global economic growth and social change. All countries involved want a large, viable semiconductor industry that provides high paying jobs. The ongoing technical and managerial crises needs a detail analysis to examine the industry from a macroeconomic perspective, helping readers understand how global competitive advantage can be won or lost …

Industrial Decentralization

P.R. Sarkar
If a particular country or district is highly industrialized, that will not help in uplifting or changing the economic standard of other parts of the world or country. Hence industry should be decentralized, but key industries should be centralized. For example, the spinning industry should be centralized, and around it there should be a weaving industry run on …

Industrial Development

P.R. Sarkar
PROUT divides the industrial structure into three parts – key industries managed by the immediate or local government, cooperatives and private enterprises. This system will eliminate confusion regarding whether or not a particular industry should be managed privately or by the governnment, and will avoid duplication between the government and private enterprise.

In many undeveloped and developing countries …

Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar on Industry

We cannot neglect a single creature, nor can we ignore any particular part of this world. Therefore it is desirable to pursue the policy of decentralization in the management of industry as much as possible. The promotion of industry in one part of the world cannot eradicate either poverty or unemployment in any other part. So it is desirable to …

FAQ: Industry

What is required for industrial revolution?
Areas must not depend on raw materials from outside their area. Raw materials must be locally produced. They should be indigenous. Those people who love the society must think in terms of an industrial revolution based on the raw materials available in that particular area.

What are the three parts of the PROUT industrial

The PROUT Companion: Industrial policy

Q. What will be the Proutistic industrial policy?

PROUT propounds a system of decentralization of economic power. The centralization of economic power, whether it is in the hands of individuals or the state, such as under capitalism and communism respectively, leads to economic-political exploitation. Private capitalists venture to suck the vital juice from the social tree.

For decades the global …