Documents Related to the Persecution of Shrii P.R. Sarkar and PROUT in India

The following documents (scanned, PDF) are related to the government of India’s persecution of Shrii P.R. Sarkar, PROUT, and the Ananda Marga movement in India.
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The 1990 PUCL Report on Communist Persecution of Ananda Marga in West Bengal Dec 1989 to Jan 1990 (Read & print: 200 dpi) 22 MB

Low resolution for quick online reading: The 1990 PUCL Report on Communist Persecution of Ananda Marga in West Bengal Dec 1989 to Jan 1990, 4 MB

Source material from the book The Politics of Prejudice; The Use and Abuse of Power To Suppress the Ananda Marga Movement 1,5 MB

The text of the 1982 Central Intelligence Report on the burning alive of 17 Ananda Marga workers in Calcutta, as reproduced in Bijon Setu 1982; Signature of Violence (Tushan Bhattacharjee 2012). (Read & print: 150 dpi) 4 MB

The 1977 Wells Report

The 1977 paperback Tales of Torture: The Persecution of Ananda Marga in India is out of print and available online from second hand book dealers.

The Sheppard Report, August 1976

Statement of Claude-Armand Sheppard, Attorney, Observer of the Trial of P.R. Sarkar in Patna, India, June-September, 1976

The Chakraborty Report, on the poisoning of Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar by Patna jail authorities, 1974

A Report on the Ananda Marga Society in India and the Plight of Their Leader Mr. P.R. Sarkar, by British Lawyer and Queen’s Counsel, Mr. William T. Wells, 1974

Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s letter from jail to the Governor of Bihar, 1973

Judgment of Sessions Trial Case No. XIII of January 1970 given by M. Roy,  Judge, Sessions Court, Midnapore, West Bengal on September 28, 1970, selected pages, 9MB (pdf)

Newspaper clippings

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