2009 Global Prout Convention, New Delhi

Front row delegates on inauguration day at Malviya Nagar, New Delhi,
Nov 20, 2009

(November 2009) – The Global Prout Convention at New Delhi to celebrate 50 Years of deliverance of PROUT was inaugurated on Nov 20. More than 400 delegates and active cadres from all over India and abroad attended the three days convention. On the agenda were world economic instability and the changing international scene, the importance of local initiative/control and the role of spirituality in progressive socio-economics.

Along with other experts from the various parts of the world, some of the presenters were Dr. Ravi Batra and Dr. Susmit Kumar. Dr Batra is professor at the SMU University in Texas, USA and author of several innovative, economic bestsellers and reputable critic of exploitative capitalism. Dr. Kumar is a seminal PROUT thinker and author.

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