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The Limits of Business

A Prout Globe survey

As is well known, Prout places limits on the individual accumulation of physical wealth. It leaves it to the collective to decide on those limits. The private sector is distinctly regulated under Prout. We should note that such private sector limitations do not refer to psychic and spiritual types of wealth but to physical, material wealth …

The Modi Administration Needs to Stop Shareholder First Policy to Save India from Disaster

Dr. Susmit Kumar, Ph.D.

As discussed in this article, the Modi administration needs to stop the shareholder first policy, the prime accused in the impending collapse of the US economy, to save the Indian economy from disaster. As discussed in my several papers, the US economy is surviving for the last three decades mainly by printing its currency, which …

Lateral Entry Door for Private Sector Specialists in Government – A Disaster for India

By Dr. Susmit Kumar (IAS)

As per a Niti Aayog proposal, 50 specialists from the Indian private sector are to be inducted in government departments at the level of director and joint secretary (Government to open lateral entry door for private sector specialists, The Economics Times/PTI, July 23, 2017).

This will be a disaster for India because the ultimate …

The Problem is Wealth Concentration, Not Maldistribution

By Trond Øverland

The vast majority of alternative economic thinkers seem to think there is something seriously wrong with the way wealth is distributed today. They say prosperity should not be reserved for a few, it should be the property of many – the world’s riches should be more evenly distributed. PROUT does not agree with these “wealth distributors”:


Wealth Accumulation Makes People Less Empathetic, More Selfish

By Trond Øverland

PROUT identifies the centralization of wealth as a main cause of the ongoing global economic recession. A recent study[1] indicates that the accumulation of wealth leads to inhuman behavior. Even the mere thought of getting richer makes people less empathic and more selfish.

Given that poverty offers fewer resources, greater exposure to insecurity, and a reduced sense …