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The One Problem

At times, one problem blocks the solution to other problems. If we could solve only a single problem of the Ukraine crisis, which would it be?

The acute problem is that nobody is able to stop a power-crazed leader from going to war. The world lacks a strong, unifying institution that not only states that war is illegal, but also …

Benefits of Global Government

By P.R. Sarkar

Many people say that different national interests are the only hurdle in the formation of a world government. In my opinion this is not the only obstruction; rather, this is just a minor difficulty. The real cause lies in the fear of local leaders losing their leadership. With the establishment of a world government the powerful influence, …

PROUT Based Grassroots Socio-Economic Democracy for People’s Empowerment and Equitable Global Order for Parity among Nations

By Ac. Dhanjoo N. Ghista

This paper offers guidelines for:

  • Grassroots cooperative economic development
  • Socio-economic democratic governance system
  • Neo-global order, comprising of functionally-sustainable communities, self-reliant economic zones, regional federations, and world government.

Need for a Neo World Order

The current world order necessitates requirements, such as (i) a new format of locally employable economic system (empowering local people) which can …

World Government, Globalization and UN reform

The range of reforms or thinking about the future of the UN in emerging world orders is largely predicated on prior beliefs of the nature of the good society and on possible futures of the emerging world order. This article investigates these positions, summarizes recommendations for UN transformation and provides a synopsis of relevant bibliography.

Dr. Sohail Inayatullah
Idealists such …

Nationalism and World Government

P.R. Sarkar
The more the human mind becomes magnanimous or expanded, the more it rises above the sentiments of tribalism, communalism, provincialism, etc. Often I hear people say that nationalism is an appreciable sentiment and that there is no narrowness in it. But is this true? Nationalism is also relative, just like tribalism, communalism or provincialism. In some places it …

Steps to a Confederation

Dr. Sohail Inayatullah – Professor, Tamkang University, Taiwan and Sunshine Coast University, Australia,

While we are all aware why we do not have peace in South Asia, there is a paucity of explorations on how to create a better future. The lack of peace defined as both individual peace (inner contentment), social-psychological peace (how we see the Other), structural …