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On Ethical Dilemmas

Dada Shambhushivananda
A cursory glance at the history of ethical dilemmas of each age reveal that ‘moral issues’ have been couched and imprisoned within the bounds of a sub-culture, religion or a prevalent belief system of a particular age. What is considered good or bad; right or wrong; appropriate or inappropriate; legal or illegal; legitimate or illegitimate; acceptable or unacceptable; …

Enhancing the Legal Status of Animals – Part 2

Non-property and usufructuary legal status regarding animals

Dieter Dambiec
The possible directions for the legal status of animals must allow them to find a substantive place in the justice system.  First it is necessary to look at arguments concerning the non-property status of animals, as this option completely turns the common law around.  Secondly, an intermediate position based on usufructuary …