5 Types of Cooperatives

Traditional Capitalist Socialist Communist Prout
Ownership Right to private ownership Right to private ownership State ownership State ownership Worker/Member ownership
Cooperation Subordinated Subordinated Subordinated Subordinated Coordinated
Profit Profit Profit is everything Profit motivation Profit motivation Consumption motivation
Morality Objective morality based
on laws
No concept of morality Objective morality No morality Morality based on cardinal human values and spiritual values
Minimum necessities
of life
No assurance of minimum necessities No concept of
minimum necessities
State is custodian, promising minimum necessities State is custodian, promising minimum necessities Minimum necessities via
guaranteed purchasing
Economic evolution Bottom to top but in an economically isolated way Individual monopoly system State monopoly system State monopoly system Bottom to top with a
program for
fundamental economic
Wages According to work According to
whims of
According to
ability and
According to
whims of
First living wages with rational distribution of special amenities, then gradually higher
standard of living
Democratic values Democratic Undemocratic Undemocratic Dictatorship Democratic based on
awareness, education
and morality without which democracy is a foolocracy
Economic competition Must compete with capitalist ruthlessness Amoral, diabolic economic competition No incentive of economic initiatives Competition between corrupt bureaucrats Economic efficiency via incentives/ coordination ensuring physical
existence, mental
expansion and spiritual
Employment Encourage employment Seek to employ with smallest possible wage; decreasing employment Scope for employment but no growth as economy stagnant Scope for employment at whim of bureaucrat People will not seek
employment. Jobs will
seek the people
Values of life Economic prosperity Economics is everything Economics is everything Everything, even people, are for political/ economic manipulation Material prosperity so as
to enable more time for
mental development and spiritual liberation
Copyright Proutist Universal 2002. The above chart is adapted from an original chart in A Look at Decentralized Economy and the Cooperative System, by Ac. Tadbhavananda Avt., PROUT Research Institute, Copenhagen 1993.

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  1. Long term project but we need to start now to disseminate the thoughts of P.R Sarkar on informational awareness.

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