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Sarkar on Free Trade

First, there should be a free trade system so that overproduction can be consumed by other countries or other economic units. In India, excepting the Punjab and Haryana, there is underproduction of milk. In other states, common people cannot get a sufficient amount of milk. But there are many countries, such as certain European countries, where there is overproduction of …

PROUT’s Rewriting of Protectionism and Free Trade

While anti-capitalism campaigners are up in arms against free trade, liberalists demonize protectionism as an obstacle to essential exchange. PROUT deems both protection and free trade to be necessary.

By Trond Øverland

The conventional view

Protectionism and free trade are regularly portrayed as the brake and the accelerator of economic prosperity. Which one is which depends on your perspective; localist …

Trade and Commerce

(PROUT Globe) – PROUT aims at developing any potential in a balanced, progressive way. While providing for the needs of all, it always looks towards the maximum development and enhancement of local human and natural resources. In the area of trade this means that wherever the potential to produce exists it must prevail over easy import, especially in the area …