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Beware of Dogma

By Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar


So far as structural solidarity is concerned, the best shape is the oval shape. “Oval” means (in Latin ovum means egg) “similar to an egg, not exactly like an egg but to some extent like an egg; not exactly elliptical but to some extent elliptical”. All celestial bodies are of that shape. That’s why …

Beyond Dogma

By Ravi Logan

Cape Bojador is a relatively insignificant geographical feature on the northwestern coast of Africa — too minor to get shown on most maps of the continent. Even its appearance is unimposing; it is not a jutting or high rocky promontory, but a gently rounded protrusion of low-lying Saharan sand. However, while Cape Bojador may be a minor …

Religious Dogma – 2

By P.R. Sarkar

(13 April 1988, Kolkata) – In the hoary past, groups were created amongst human beings on the basis of their group psychology and group supremacy. Group leaders enjoyed much freedom in that social order. These ancient people had to increase their numbers, because constant clashes between the different groups caused many deaths. Fights were as numerous as …

Religious Dogma – 1

By P.R. Sarkar

(13 April 1988, Calcutta) – Gad́d́ is a very ancient verb which means to do something without following any logic. When the human intellect was undeveloped, cunning people used to infuse various kinds of fear complexes, irrational ideas and unhealthy, selfish tendencies into the minds of the people to stop them following the path of logic and …