Urban Life and Morality

P.R. Sarkar
In the present age, there are so many elements hostile to morality. In urban civilization, more people live in a small area; this is the enemy of individual morality. It is essential for the moral development of an individual to live a life of solitude for some time. The city serves as an asylum for antisocial elements, but this generally doesn’t happen in villages. In villages everyone knows everyone else, and the source of each others’ livelihood is known to all. In the city, even after twenty years, a person doesn’t know his neighbours, who may be scoundrels. Thus we have to keep aloof from the barbarity of city life.

This will not be done merely by speaking slogans like, “Go back to the village!” Employment opportunities will have to be created in the villages for the intelligentsia. The availability of a power supply and the expansion of cottage industries in the villages are the paramount needs of the hour. By cottage industries, I do not mean old and outmoded, but rather rationalized and well mechanized industries. Hence, decentralization is an economic necessity.

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