The Coming Ice Age

P.R. Sarkar
History moves in rhythmic waves – in a systaltic flow. It moves and moves, then there is a galloping jump. Again it moves and moves again, then there is another galloping jump, and so on. All of a sudden there are galloping jumps – epoch-making eras. We are now at the threshold of this jump. We are not only at the threshold, we have just crossed the threshold of a new era. We are now at the threshold of something new – of the new age – and we are now passing through such an age. Do you realize it? We are no more at the threshold. You should be ready for great changes, otherwise balance will be lost.

In the process of movement, there cannot be steady movement. There must be acceleration – either constant acceleration or accelerated acceleration – or retardation – either constant retardation or retarding retardation. Along with this acceleration or retardation, there is a galloping jump. Before and after this jump, there is biological change, historical change, agricultural change and human psychic change.

In the history of the world, there have been two significant Ice Ages from the point of view of the development of life. Before the first of these Ice Ages there were hardly any developed animals, only undeveloped animals. There was snow and ice. After the first Ice Age there were big advances and so many ages. Animals became gigantic. After the second significant Ice Age gigantic animals disappeared – smaller animals came. The Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene and Miocene Ages came.

We know another Ice Age is coming on the earth. It will bring an entire change in the structural side of the earth. Before the coming Ice Age there will be intellectual change and great biological change in human beings and animals – in every entity, animate and inanimate. You will find changes in the seasonal order, in the psychic arena, in the socio-economico-political and cultural spheres, in biological structure. All are undergoing metamorphosis. The poles have also started shifting. Are you ready?

After the coming Ice Age, there will be changes in tropical regions and huge biological changes – a special order shall be created. Do you feel that the seasonal order is changing and has been disturbed? The North Pole is moving closer to the tropical regions and the South Pole is coming closer to the western hemisphere on the opposite side of the tropical area. If in the eastern hemisphere the North Pole moves from north to south and in the western hemisphere the South Pole moves from south to north, what will be the effect in the earth’s hydro sphere? The polar ice will melt and the ocean levels will rise. It will have its impact on the tidal waves throughout the globe. The Pacific Ocean will become colder and then frozen. Many of the existing ports will close. The seasonal patterns will change. Rainfall and climatic variation will have an impact on flora and fauna. All these things together will have their impact on thinking processes. The number of days in a solar year has already changed from 365 to 366, but the lunar year is unchanged at 354 to 355.

As an intellectual person you should be ready for such an eventuality, for such gigantic changes. The previous time for storms in Calcutta was 6 to 9 in the evening. Now it is only 4:15 p.m. and a storm is raging. The season is changing – big climatic changes are taking place.

Once upon a time the downtrodden people of the world were under the impression that communism was the panacea for their problems. But after the communist leaders went against humanity, rationality and human psychology, and disturbed the very base of human civilization, the masses are now challenging their leaders for killing millions of innocent people. A vacuum has been created by their downfall. This vacuum should be filled by your intellect and ideology – by you boys and girls and by our PROUT. All this will be accomplished in the very near future. This brooks no delay. There is no alternative.

Why is Marxism undergoing change? In all the areas of life metamorphosis must occur. Metamorphosis is taking place not only in the realm of physicality but also in the realm of psychic structure. Changes are fast coming in the psychic arena and in all the realms of human expression. They are not only coming, they have just come. We have crossed the threshold of a new era. In the Palaeozoic Age there was no rainfall – no rain water. It was gaseous with no plants, no Sarkar Samaj, no Royalseema Samaj, no Andhra. Later a portion of Andhra and small animals came, but even then there was no coastal area and no Vishakapatnam, but Medak was there. Subsequently, there was huge rainfall. The hills were snow covered and the rivers were ice fed. The Godavari, Krsna and Kaveri rivers were ice fed. Rivers were a perennial source of water, but there were no humans. This is a glimpse of the archaeological history of Andhra Pradesh. Many big animals came – dinosaurs, brontosauruses etc. Then the Oligocene and Miocene Ages came. Then after that in the later portion of the Pliocene Age the forebears of human beings came. Human beings were first born about a million years ago. After about a million years there will be no human beings on this planet and future generations will see only the fossilized skeletons of the present generations.

Everything in this world is changing through mutation and transmutation. Mutations and transmutations take place not only in the physical but also in the psychic sphere of living beings, and also in the dormant psychic sphere of non-living objects awaiting awakening. Animate and inanimate objects are awaiting expression. In the psychic sphere gigantic changes took place after the first Ice Age. Big animals came up. After the second Ice Age there was another big change and no big animals. There were small animals. Mammoths became elephants. This age is not the age of big animals and small countries, because it is difficult to supply them with pabula. It is difficult for small countries to maintain their integrity. After the second Ice Age mammoths passed away and elephants came. The Krsna, Kaveri and Tungabhadra rivers are now part of peninsula India, but they were a portion of Gondwana land about 300 million years ago. Human beings came about one million years ago. These are examples of mutations and transmutations.

In this present age communism has disappeared leaving room for higher thoughts and higher psychic attainments. This is a natural change, not a catastrophe. Other philosophies are also sure to be vanquished. Years ago, when I was walking by the Berlin wall and said that communism must go, it was a dream, but now that dream has been transformed into crude reality. This is a natural change, not a catastrophe. Be ready for the coming changes; be prepared for them. They are something natural. They are not an unprecedented calamity or catastrophe, or a great adversity.

24 March 1990, Calcutta

Published in: PROUT in a Nutshell Volume 4, Part 17

Copyright Ananda Marga Publications 2011. All rights reserved. Published with permission

One thought on “The Coming Ice Age”

  1. Brothers and sisters Namaskaram,
    I attended BABAS pole shift discourse in 86.
    As an official site for PROUT be careful not to align yourselves with worn out fake socialistic governments …as did occur in the past with a certain South American country .

    PROUT should stand on its own.

    BABA made it clear …we never really had socialism
    What we had was State sponsored capitalism whereby only a few benefitted . Case in point: Vladimir Putin.
    Also may I humbly suggest …to consider not using the word socialism in your heading on this site . Why?
    The word has become misunderstood …due to despotic fake socialistic governments .
    BABA made it clear these political changes were coming in the VERY NEAR Future.
    BABA also said that insanity would be the disease of the age .
    What we witnessing …raw violent emotion and destruction by undisciplined minds …it seems to me at least …is the result of the magnetic poles shifting . One can only guess when the poles wil reverse themselves . One scientist claimed we are thousands of years overdue for the pola shift.
    As BABA said above for His PROUT
    “Are you ready?”
    In BABA

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