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Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival

MassCapitalismThe upcoming Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival by Apekshit Mulay offers to solve the economic problems which are threatening the survival of the US and world economy. The  solutions presented in the book would help establish a free market economy. They would lead to a balanced economy, high investments, high growth, and increased motivation for employees to work …

U.S. Income Gap Stratospheric

(PROUT Globe, June 2013) – The gap between haves and have-nots in the Unites States is now so unhinged that researchers find it difficult to fit it with that of other developed nations. A new report from the International Labour Organization shows that U.S. inequality has literally gone off the chart, TruthOut reports.

income inequality

“Income inequality in the United States …

Rational Purchasing Cost for All Foods, Bills, Tickets and Rent for All Citizens

By Manas Nandi, India

purchasecardEvery citizen will be given an electronic card for all-purpose purchases. Government will provide an electronic Purchase Card to a citizen based on his monthly income. The Purchase Card will contain an assessed Purchasing Factor. Purchasing Factor depends on one’s purchasing capacity. Every citizen needs to credit a money balance. The amount of money balance will …

Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar on Purchasing Capacity

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"The greater the purchasing power of the people, the higher their standard of living."

"To effectively implement this, increasing the purchasing capacity of each individual is the controlling factor in a Proutistic economy. The purchasing capacity of common people in many undeveloped, developing and developed countries has been neglected, hence the economic systems of …

A Progressive System of Taxation

The following material is based on Michael Towsey’s essay, “Tax in a Proutist Economy, Version 2.1”, PROUT Institute of Australia, 24 June 2005, 39 pp.

Tax is government’s claim on a portion of the wealth produced by the community. There are three primary reasons governments levy taxes:

  1. To provide public goods and services, such as police, courts, schools, roads, garbage

– Break Up Big Banks; IMF

(PROUT Globe, September 26, 2012) – The International Monetary Fund has warned that bank reform has stalled, and that financial regulators need to consider breaking up big banks to make the global economy safer.

“Banks are as risky as they were before the financial crisis and are devising new ways of gaming the rules,” the IMF states in its Global

Keep Money Rolling

By P.R. Sarkar

(21 December 1986, Kolkatta) – The value of money increases with its mobility. That is, the more that money changes hands, the greater its economic value. On the other hand, the more that money is kept immobile in a safe, the more it loses its utility, and thus its economic value decreases. This is the most fundamental …