What Is Economics

By T N Das

“PROUT involves a revolutionary transformation of the world and mystical love involves the merger of both in the inundation of Bliss or infinite happiness. In this article we will explore the roots of economics by examining the meaning of the English term “economics”, as well as the Sanskrit term artha. Through this we will discover the roots of the PROUT paradigm for the liberation of humanity not just from exploitation, but from limited states of Consciousness and the mind itself.

“Economics is by definition a form of housekeeping. This is why one of the meanings of oikanomia is thrift or prudent and wise use of resources, saving as much as possible in the pre-production and post-production stages. So we can see that economics is essentially part of family dynamics and family growth. Hence economic decisions are then made with the welfare of the entire family foremost in mind. This family includes the animals and even the trees.”

Download the whole article (PDF 7,5 MB)

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