Proutist Community Centro Madre Awarded “Excellent” Farm Rating

In its effort for self-sufficiency PROUT-based Centro Madre builds a roadside tourist shop alongside the local highway where honey, organic fruit, vegetables, natural medicines and other health products from the centre and local co-operatives will be sold

(September 2009) – The Agricultural Institute of the Venezuelan government (CIARA) recently inspected the Centro Madre project for the second time, and again rated it as excellent, a national model of small scale sustainable agriculture. Both times the inspectors said that if there was a rating higher than excellent, this project deserved it! Each week government agronomers bring groups to see and learn from this volunteers-run master unit enterprise.

Didi Anandasadhana and Dada Atmapranananda receive award of excellence for Centro Madre from Venezuelan government officials

Based on PROUT principles

Centro Madre seeks to improve the quality of people’s lives in Barlovento (Venezuela) through personal and community transformation. The center, based on an Ananda Marga master unit, stimulate self-sufficiency and empower the local population through community development projects. The mandate of Centro Madre is to facilitate educational opportunitie, to enrich the personal, cultural and social life of the surrounding villages, and to generate income through agricultural and food security projects that strengthen the community, in harmony with proutistic principles of all-round development.

Beneficiaries, activities at Centro Madre

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  1. PROUT is the only solution for the crying humanity. the unutilized wealth of the capitalists is being used to manipulate the policy makers and the system and o amass more wealth at the cost of necessities of people

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