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370: From Tragedy to Humility

By Taraka

Tsaalun chu vzmala ta trattay
Tsaalun chu mandinyan gattakaar
Tsaalun chu paan-panun kaddun grattay
Heyti maali santuush vaati paanay.
Lalla Ded

[Patience to endure lightning and thunder Patience to face darkness at noon Patience to be ground in a grinding mill Be patient, whatever befalls Doubting not, He will come to you.]

Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, …

An Impending Nuclear War Between India and Pakistan Over Kashmir

Originally published in Global Times, 1995.

Susmit Kumar, Ph. D.
For centuries Kashmir was a place noted for its adherence to the gentle Sufi form of Islam. Kashmir was the only place where no communal riot and killing took place during the partition of India. But since 1989, India has been fighting Pakistan-sponsored infiltration in Kashmir.

India and Pakistan …