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A Failure Analysis of the US Economy

By Apekshit Mulay (Apek), Microtech Analytical Labs


As failure analysis engineers for companies, our job is to find the root cause of failure and recommend changes in design, process, tests, etc. to fix the problem. This type of analysis has become an important part of semiconductor mass production, which makes electronics cheaper and affordable for consumers. At the …

PROUT’s Rational Banking System

By Trond Overland

Modern banking emerged during the Italian Renaissance. The idea behind it was ancient:
To make money out of lending money.

prout banks
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The present situation

The main reason for the continuing recessions and depressions all over the world today is that vast deposits of money are not being released to those who require resources. …

Developmental Programs

P.R. Sarkar

(17 April 1988, Calcutta) – In ancient times bullion was used as the medium of political and commercial transactions. In most countries gold was the preferred bullion, but in some countries silver bullion was also used. Of the countries which used gold bullion, some recognized silver bullion and some did not. If a country which used gold bullion …

Gold and Motivation

(November 2010) – World Bank President Robert Zoellick has said Gold is now the “yellow elephant in the room” that needs to be acknowledged by policy-makers of major economies and central banks as discussions of a new international monetary system move forward. His recent comments on the need to reintegrate gold into the core of the global financial system have …

The Global Economy Desperately Needs Another Brilliant Keynes Idea

Dr. Susmit Kumar
Before the 1930s Great Depression, there were recessions in 1797-1800, 1807-1814, 1819-24, 1837-43, 1857-60, 1873-79, 1893-96, 1907-8 and 1918-21. The government did not intervene in any of these previous economic recessions and opted to let the economy find its own solution. Until 1930s Great Depression, economists thought that free markets would automatically provide full employment on their …