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Strategies to Eradicate Poverty: An Integral Approach To Development – II

Roar Bjonnes

8.2 Long Term Strategy
There are currently three explanations for why there are so many poor people in the Third World. One school of thought blames it on cultural factors. Something in the work or savings ethics, this theory hails, prevents them from developing like their Northern counterparts. The second theory claims that much of the world never …

A New Vision of Development

Roar Bjonnes
The rationale behind the current model of global development was first advanced by U.S. President Harry Truman in his inauguration speech before Congress in 1949. In his address, Truman spoke emphatically about the deplorable conditions of the poorer countries. He defined them for the first time as “underdeveloped areas.” In one grand, rhetorical sweep, Truman had created a …

Developmental Planning

P.R. Sarkar
According to PROUT, human society is one and indivisible. Human society is like a garland which is made of different types of flowers, linked by one common thread. The overall beauty of the garland is dependent upon the beauty of each flower. Similarly, every facet of society is linked together. To maintain the unity and solidarity of the …

Alternative Development

Dr. Sohail Inayatullah
Development alternatives in the past have been framed by a paradigm that has been nation-state oriented, framed by the narrow boundaries of economics, and focused on bureaucrats, capitalists and technocrats as agents of change. Using the Western industrial model, the goal of development was to create independent institutions that were not controlled by the feudal class, and …

Population Growth and Control

P.R. Sarkar
The socio-economic environment of society today is extremely restless and disturbed. In this abnormal environment population growth has been projected as a menacing threat to the existence of human society, but in fact this sort of propaganda is nothing but an evil conspiracy engineered by vested interests. No problem is greater than the human capacity to solve it. …