Nuclear Revolution In A Nutshell

By T N Das

Today revolution is in the minds of many, as economic inequality reaches unprecedented levels of injustice and as the world economy shows signs of further crisis due to the recent crisis in the Chinese economy. What we have seen in history with various political revolutions and what we have seen in recent times with colour-coded revolutions scripted by Western powers offers little hope for meaningful change. At the same time there are realizations of the need for a revolution in various intellectual disciplines due to the ongoing crisis of civilization that has brought humanity to its present state. There is in addition a need for a revolution in the realm of economics and agriculture which has been acknowledge by many. The advocates of these other forms of revolution generally shy away from facing the necessity of a revolution to end the current political and economic order of global capitalism. Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar integrates these various types of revolution seen in history into a holistic, comprehensive revolution known as Nuclear Revolution.

"Ideology has nothing to do with various
abstract or dogmatic doctrines."

Shrii Sarkar reveals three major aspects of revolution known as shástra, shastra and astra. Shástra means scripture generally but actually means, Shásanát tárayet yastu sah shástrah parikiirtitah – that which liberates one physically, psychically and spiritually by rationally inspiring one to dedicate oneself to a structured code of discipline. Shastra denotes that which protects the physical, the metaphysical and the spiritual existence. Shastra means the effort to control exploiters and their mafia by physical force like slapping, pushing or pinching, etc. Various forms of civil disobedience such as morchas, bandhs are also collective forms of Shastra. That is, in shastra there is physical contact and every possibility of shedding blood. Astra means to control or dominate others by using a weapon like a stick, knife, gun, etc. Here bloodshed will almost always happen.

What are the scriptures of revolution? Whatever inspires one with love for suffering humanity, animals and plants is a proto-scripture Whatever gives one the inspiration to dedicates oneself and to sacrifice and undergo hardship fighting for exploited humanity is a proto-scripture. Whatever gives one ideas about how to fight or how to solve a problem, how a particular type of exploitation work is also a proto-scripture. Ultimately however, the question is liberation – both internal and external, both individual and collective. To liberate the mind from debasing tendencies is a practical reality of spiritual meditation. To liberate Consciousness (Atman) from identifying with and being dominated by lower levels (kosas) cannot be done by an ordinary scripture. Revolution as we have seen involves changing the collective psychology. To change the psychology from warrior to intellectual or to capitalist is merely a change in the surface of the collective mind. To evolve higher levels of mind and to create new, elevating and benevolent flows in the collective mind requires tremendous psychic and spiritual energy or shakti. The very purpose of meditation is to acquire such shakti for such a true revolution.

Spiritual Revolution

Let us take a closer look at the definition of revolution of PROUT.

Tivrashaktisampátena gativardhanaḿ viplavah.
[Revolution is the application of tremendous force to accelerate the speed of the social cycle.]

How does an ordinary person acquire this tremendous kind of force. The fact is that even the most powerful revolutionary personalities are often unable to move a society even towards evolution let alone revolution as seed in the cases of Bhagat Singh, Blanqui, Che Guevara and others. Here one must be clear about energy, power or shakti. Energy of the universe is something we know to some extent. But the radiant spiritual energy that could move a young peasant girl like Saint Joan of Arc to lead an army to liberate her country from British rule, the omnipotent divine love that could lead an ordinary scholar like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to become transformed into a revolutionary of divine love who could even make the extremist Pathans of Afghanistan dance, singing the Lord’s Name is beyond the imagination of most people. This is the kind of energy that can create a true revolution or nuclear revolution.

The term “shakti sampát” refers to the descent of spiritual energy due to divine grace. This is a mystery or fantasy to ordinary people but to those initiated into Tantra meditation it is a practical reality. This spiritual energy strikes at the primordial spiritual force at the base of the spine. Tantra refers to “tiivra” or “tremendous” amount of grace as the type of grace that can radically transform a person in a very short period of time.

Most of the time, our mental energy is wasted in countless thoughts, sentiments, passions, instincts, propensities and so forth. Tantra meditation wages war firstly on all these sentiments that debase us. Secondly Tantra withdraws the mind from all these mental diversions and diverts it towards pure Consciousness (Atman). This gives a person tremendous power for moral, ideological, cultural, economic and political revolution. When one’s mind starts of merge in that pure Consciousness one starts to realize divine love which is the most powerful force in the universe. By this love one comes in contact with the Supreme Beloved deep within the core of oneself. Then that Supreme Beloved works directly through one’s body. Then one becomes an instrument of divine power that can create a nuclear revolution. That Supreme Beloved is the Nucleus of the physical, psychic and spiritual worlds. This is why Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar says in the book Talks on PROUT that nuclear revolution means “controlling all the three nuclei of the universe – physical, psychic and spiritual.”

Now when we are talking about nuclear revolution we are talking about tiivra (tremendous) descent of spiritual energy (shakti sampátena) we are talking on the level of the collective mind. When any small group of people or even an individual endowed with tremendous spiritual power (shakti) is able to create a powerful current in the collective mind this paves the way towards revolution. This involves accelerating the evolution of higher levels of the collective mind. The first is the level of the Sublime (Vijiṋánamaya Kośa) which is the realm of spiritual discrimination and spiritual wisdom which alone will enable society to stop being manipulated by capitalist propaganda and mind-control techniques. The second level of the collective mind that needs to be developed is the subtle causal level (Hirańmaya Kośa) which is the realm of the raptures of divine love. When this layer of mind is developed in the collective mind, no longer will religious hatred, violence and dogma plague human society.

Kiirtana or singing the Lord’s Name with intense longing in a group dedicated to creating a spiritual matrix (mańd́ala) of divine love around the Supreme Beloved (Bábá) has the power to launch such a revolution. Such a group is called Bábá Pari Mańd́ala Gośt́i. However this potential of kiirtan to create a spiritual revolution that can explode like a volcano into the cultural, economic, social and political spheres has thus far been unutilized in human history. This is why Shrii Sarkar has said that “NOW is the time has come to manifest the glory of kiirtana.” There have been many mantras or empowered incantations that have been used in the past. The kiirtan mantra of the present is “Bábá Náma Kevalam”. Try and see the power of this mantra for yourself and then use it to liberate yourself, your samája (socio-economic bio-region) and this planet.

The Native Australians connected with the Tantra of the Austrics of India developed techniques of spiritualizing landscaped with spiritual energy. They are called Svatantra Kśetras in Sanskrit. Svatantra meaning "freedom", comes from the words "sva" + "tantra". Sva means "self" and so freedom lies in establishing oneself in Tantra. Tantra means the practice that liberates one through expansion. It is the oldest form of yoga and is a revolutionary war against all internal vices and their manifestation in the society. This creates a revolutionary transformation of crude mind-stuff (citta) into the power of Consciousness (Citi shakti). When the people of a small region (like a district or bhukti) are established in Tantra internally by conquering all the vices, prejudices, narrow sentiments of the collective mind as well as externally by ending all discrimination and exploitation, they are truly free. Kśetra means "a cultivated field, a sacred spot, a geometrical figure (including a spiritual design holding subtle energies called a yantra or mandala), abode or place of origin." Spiritually a Kśetra is only created by creating a direct link with the Kśetrajiṋá or the Supreme Knower or Supreme witnessing entity of this land. Just like in internal meditation we come in contact with the Supreme Knower or Supreme Subjectivity deep within our layers of "I-feeling" and realize how it underlies our normal feeling of being a knower (i.e. our existential feeling), similarly here we are discovering the Supreme Consciousness or Supreme Witnessing Awareness of a particular geography. These areas are most powerfully and easily created when the collective mind of a devotional group (Bábá Pari Mańd́ala Gośt́i) creates a link with the Supreme Beloved or Macrocosmic Nucleus through kiirtan and then creates a link with the physical and electromagnetic vibrations of an area of land. This will charge the hills, rivers, valleys, forests, ponds with spiritual forces. This is the foudation of a true samája or a eco-cultural region. The meaning of Kśetra is thus explained as follows

Kśemana tárayet yastu sah kśetrah parikiirttitah.
"That divinely blessed place where there is spiritual progress (Kśema) and service that liberates the people in the physical (social, economic, political, agricultural, etc.), psychic (cultural, educational, moral, philosophical, sentimental, psychological) and spiritual realms is known as a Kśetra."

Moral Revolution

Moral courage is what we find lacking everywhere and in everyone. To challenge the exploitation, injustice in small ways at certain times itself requires tremendous courage and sacrifice in our current era of silent Emergency. However to have the moral courage to mentally and emotionally face all the suffering caused by exploitation in the world today, to take the determination (samkalpa) that by divine grace this will all come to an end by a nuclear revolution is beyond the imagination of most people. Since the Global War on Terror began in 2001, a systematic campaign of fear has been created in every country. To overcome fear completely by the power of spiritual meditation is at the core of Tantra.

Morality does not merely lie in good actions in one’s personal life. If one’s family, workplace, community or nation is corrupt and is profiting from the exploitation and misery of others, one is in fact an immoral person. When one nation invades or robs other nations the national wealth is soaked in the blood of those exploited people from other nations. Similarly in one country if the money of the nation comes from the exploitation of various castes or tribes, then that money will fill one’s mind with the misery of those people. This is why we find people in rich countries that rob and invade other countries have a high suicide rate and a high rate of violence. This is why rich people in poor countries also are so unhappy and go to gurus.

To launch a moral revolution means to empower people with the courage to take control over their personal lives and become the kind of noble person they have always dreamed of being. Secondly it means to empower them to fight against immorality in their family, workplace and their samaja (state). Thirdly it means to work with them to liberate those who cannot speak or fight for themselves.
Shrii Sarkar began a moral revolution in the most corrupt state of Bihar and in the most corrupt departments such as the Indian Police Service, Bihar Military Police and the Central Excise Department. He forced disciples not just to stand up and stop corruption in their offices, he made them take action against mafias like the coal and timber mafias. This legacy of moral determination and courage led to the birth of the PROUT movement.

Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar has revealed the mission of moral revolution saying,

“So your duty is three-fold. Your first duty is to observe morality and to do intuitional practices. Without this you cannot have mental determination. Your next duty is to unite the moralists of the world, otherwise Dharma will not endure. The exploited masses who do not observe Yama and Niyama – the cardinal moral principles – cannot fight against their own sense of frustration. It is therefore necessary to unite the moralists. This will be your real Dharma. You will become great by doing this, because ideation of the Great makes a person great. At the third stage, you will have to mercilessly fight against sin wherever it has taken root in this world.
You will have to propagate this mission from door to door. No political party or so-called religious institution can bring salvation. Praising God in concerts with drums and cymbals will not bring salvation either, because this will not bring the sinner to submission. To curb the onslaughts of the immoralists today, arms are more necessary than drums and cymbals.”

Psychic Revolution

We have already talked about how newer levels of mind need to evolve and the level of Consciousness to be raised. Essentially the collective mind is governed by the crude level of mind (Kámamaya Kośa) concerned with the basic animal desires. The subtle level of mind (Manomaya Kośa) is concerned with higher activities of thinking and remembering. This is the layer of the collective mind that need to be made stronger because it is here that rationality, discussion and consensus building takes place. The tragedy is that the subtle layer of the collective mind is always manipulated by the stronger crude mind and its desires. Through these weaknesses capitalists are able to make people materialistic through the media. While in individual life it is very difficult to develop one’s rationality and liberate one’s mind from crude desires and from government propaganda, it is next to impossible for the collective mind to do this. This is why the development of higher levels of mind is so crucial for the collective mind.

The next three higher levels of the mind are collectively known popularly as the unconscious mind or astral mind. A more accurate name is superconscious mind because here the level of Consciousness is far greater than in the previous stages. The individual superconscious mind, the collective superconscious mind of a social group and the Cosmic superconscious mind are all one. For at this stage of Consciousness, the diversity of many beings is merging in one flow of Pure Bliss. This is why when an individual or society is dominated by this level of mind they become empowered with dynamism and love that gives them the power to overcome all obstacles.

The first level of mind that has to evolve in the collective mind of various societies is the supramental mind (Atimánasa Kośa). It is from this realm that emerge subtle desires such as desires concerning art, music and beauty. It is also from this realm that emerges the spiritual stir or awakening which blossom into a deep spiritual urge. It is because this layer is undeveloped in the collective mind that the mind of the crowd or other expressions of the collective mind is easily manipulated by government and corporate propaganda. When the collective mind has developed this supramental layer in only a primitive way then it is manipulated by sentimental propaganda that touches deep in the collective mind such as in the case of religious nationalism or fascism.

As the collective subtle mind is gradually evolving along the path of intellectuality, there is an even greater need to penetrate into the realm of pure Consciousness where knower, knowledge and the ‘known object’ all merge into one. Unless this happens the mind become analytical and obsessed with external differences of caste, religion, nation, species. So long as the mind runs after various material objects or runs after various narrow intellectual ideas or dogmas, there will be divisions, exploitation and war in the world. This is especially the case when it come to the collective mind. So the collective mind not merely has to develop subtler layers of mind but it has to move towards the psycho-spiritual realm where the mind merges in the oneness of Pure Consciousness.

So this is the preliminary tasks to be accomplished in a psychic revolution. But how is this possible? Firstly the ongoing struggle of countless activists seeking to educate the public, seeking to divert crowds from the path of violence must deepen in the form of a coordinated movement to reduce the influence of religious and corporate dogmas. The collective subtle mind must be goaded and guided onto the path of discrimination to be proactive in preventing harmful events and being prepared to deal with those that rise unexpectedly rather simply reactive to various external events. A good example is a killing. Rather than making it an issue of caste or religion, justice should be secured for the victim. There should be no question of robbing, raping or killing innocent people just because they belong to the same caste or religion of the victim. In this way individuals by tireless efforts have to try to lift the collective mind from the path of barbarism.

The second primary task is ideological. Ideology has nothing to do with various abstract or dogmatic doctrines. In PROUT, Idea occurs when the psyche or mind attains temporary parallelism or harmony with Pure Consciousness. So Idea is a blissful or mystical state of being and has nothing to do with any thought or concept or even feeling. Such ‘Ideas’ have been found by Oxford University studies of ordinary people to have occurred a few times in many people’s lives. Those who elevate their mind by regular meditation will have such experiences more often. When this experience or Idea is assimilated in our sentiments, concepts, emotions and thoughts this is the start of an ideological process. When this Idea manifests in our personal, family, cultural, social, economic and political lives this is the manifestation of an ideological life. As a result of this ideological process our minds becomes filled with thoughts and feelings arising from the spiritual experience of Blissful Consciousness.

Normally our minds are dominated by the external environment and our ideas come our external experiences and our reflections and abstractions from those experiences. For example from seeing a flower in Spring and feeling its beauty, we develop the abstract, intellectual idea of beauty. Thus normally as a civilization advances, it develops a rich legacy of ideas derived from material experiences. These material ideas are called ‘carbonic’ because they are derived from experiences of our bodies which are based on carbon compounds. When in an advanced civilization the quantity of these carbonic ideas become very large and when the wisdom (or pure ideology) arising from the primitive spirituality of its early days dies, this imbalance leads to degeneration and debasement. Such materialistic civilizations become goaded to extreme sensuality and violent imperialism and become demonic in the suffering the cause to other societies and to the environment.

When however the ideological or non-carbonic ideas become dominant in the mind, this can create a psychic and a spiritual revolution. Thus when many groups (Bábá Pari Mańd́ala Gośt́is) move towards divine love and when the shakti or power generated by that love is used to guide the collective mind away from narrow sentiments and crude passions through elevating sentiments and ideologies, this creates a revolution in the collective mind that is first psychic and then becomes increasingly spiritual or psycho-spiritual.

Cultural Revolution

The term cultural revolution normally reminds people of the horror of the Chinese purges of high-ranking party members by Mao in the 1960s that led to widespread destruction of traditional Chinese culture by mob psychology. By cultural revolution we mean firstly what is normally called a renaissance in western history. This involved the explosive development of different fields in the arts, in material sciences and in the more subtle realms of philosophy, history, anthropology that are called the humanities. The driving force was a movement against superstition, social injustice and dogma and a thirst for intellectual and social freedom. In India there was the Bhakti revolution in which movements of divine love led to the creation of new literature, arts and movements for social equality in emerging languages and cultures of India. In Iran, Turkey, Morocco a Sufi revolution took place in which movements created new literature based on divine love and propagated social equality and tolerance. Similar outbreaks of cultural spendour have been seen around the world in Tang Dynasty China, the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt and the Mayan Golden Age in Central America.

Currently the great spiritual civilizations, as well as the sublime spiritualities of various indigenous people (adivásis) all over the world are being destroyed by corporate culture of Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. In addition, each year many languages are dying. As per PROUT culture is the backbone of a society and without a backbone people will never rise to fight against exploitation. This is why cultural revolution is the key to nuclear revolution.

In every language, PROUT seeks to create a Renaissance to preserve and build upon the legacies of each culture and to develop it in the spirit of universal love and fight against exploitation. All of the different aspects of nuclear revolution such as economic, social, political revolution are all propagated through cultural revolution. This is why cultural revolution is the heart of nuclear revolution.

Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar initiated a cultural revolution in the Bengali language by first inaugurating a grammatical revolution based on the spiritual roots of letters (biija mantras) that is currently studied in the modern field of phono-semantics. Through an examination of vocabulary, Shrii Sarkar revealed the multiple meanings of different words, the various dialects, sub-dialects and blended languages and the relevant history and geography related to them. PROUT seeks to replicate this heritage of spiritual scholarship in other languages. Finally Shrii Sarkar created 5018 songs. They expressed His spiritual and social philosophy through the medium of enchantingly tender songs that revealed unknown realms of divine love. To spread this bliss in every language and culture is the mission of Prout’s nuclear revolution.

Social Revolution

In reality a true human society has never existed on this planet. All societies have been narrowly biased towards a particular race, caste, ethnic group, economic class, language or religion. This bias has led to endless exploitation, violence in human history. A true society is defined as Samánam ejati iti samájah: Society is the collective movement of a group of individuals who have made a unanimous decision to move together towards a common goal.

While there have been many social revolutions in history that have shaken or broken the various form of social discrimination and exploitation, none of them led to the creation of a new society. In fact in many cases either the original ruling class was left in power or a new ruling class was created that exploited the society anew.

A genuine social revolution is created in nuclear revolution through Neo-humanism. Neohumanism expands traditional humanism into universalism or the cult of love for all beings. From the expansion of mind created by meditation, Neohumanism fosters the spirit of rationality. Only someone who has overcome his inner vices by spiritual practice can be rational. Others can only deceive themselves or others with philosophies that only mire society in confusion. With the power (shakti) of the divine love that blossoms from spiritual practice, Neohumanism is able to fight all the narrow sentiments that divide and brutalize society. For rationality alone cannot defeat sentiment only by analysis and appeals to reason. A more powerful and universal sentiment is needed to defeat these narrow sentiments. This powerful sentiment does not come from abstract intellectual universalism but from the limitless bliss of divine love.

The sentiments that Neohumanism fights can be divided into several categories. Firstly there is geo-sentiments focusing around a particular place or country. Secondly there is socio-sentiments focusing around a particular social group. The group can be a race, ethnic group, caste, economic class or religion. Thirdly there is pseudo-humanist sentiment or the doctrine of human superiority over all of creation which has resulted in the massacre of countless plants and animals and is right now destroying our Mother Earth. The marvel of mystical love is that it can transform any narrow type of love into a unique variety of divine love. Mystical love enables one to see the ocean in a drop and find the cosmos in a dust particle. This is a practical experience for those who are on the spiritual path. In this way, rejecting the narrow, diseased forms of love for a particular country, social group or for humanity, Neohumanism create a universal form of love for that country by finding the Infinite Consciousness in the most minute aspects of that particular country or group. Truly all the forms of nationalism and groupism are distorted and diseased forms of love. When one lives Neohumanism one learns for the first time how to love not just the country but the plants, animals, the rivers and even the rocks. In this way the expansion of endless diversity will only beautify the unity of society. This has to be experienced by spiritual practice and practiced in daily and not believed as an intellectual doctrine. This sublimation of human sentiments alone will create a true society for the first time in the history of this planet. This is based on the spirit of eternal fight for social justice and social equality. The spirit of this fight is nothing but the blazing tenderness of infinite justice for each and every entity of this universe.

Economic Revolution

This is the most unique aspect of PROUT’s nuclear revolution. One can write a book on this topic alone. The value of economic revolution is rarely been appreciated in history. The revolution in Russia and China of the last century had certain common features. Both revolutions took place when the nations were being attacked by foreign countries (Germany and China), when in the ensuing breakdown various factions emerged that fought for power. Furthermore both countries made the mistake of trying to achieve political power through a military revolution before having begun their struggle for economic revolution. As a result when the communists came into power they had to force their economic ideology on the people and the people were unwilling to accept it, which resulted in great atrocities. The reason the people did not accept it is that the economic theory of communism was undeveloped by practice and was based on fundamentally flaws. This led to confusion, anarchy, frustration and atrocities.

PROUT’s vision of economics is that it is the science of removing physical, psychic (psychological, emotional, philosophical) and spiritual suffering. Secondly PROUT is committed to the maximum utilization of all the different potentialities of these 3 realms. Traditionally various religious and economic doctrines had only spent time trying to utilize only a few aspects of usually one of the three realms of materiality, psyche and spirituality. Thirdly PROUT is committed to rational distribution of these resources for the welfare of everyone. PROUT’s approach is to guarantee the minimum requirements for all, guarantee maximum possible amenities for all and guarantee extra-special amenities for people with special talents.

PROUT’s economic revolution is a struggle for economic democracy. In every country people have no control over how their local resources, local ecology is utilized. Either government bureaucrats or corporation control their lives. So PROUT is the fight of every community, every region (samja) for economic freedom from slavery to outsiders. Through creating networks of cooperatives, PROUT seeks to create collective economic plans for every block or upabhukti (of each district). This grassroots economic planning enables the people to decide how they want to develop their own lands, gives them the yearning for the freedom to live those dreams and emboldens them to fight to free their lands from government and corporate control.

One strategy that has been used is that of Autonomous Zones (Svatantra Kśetras) which an undeveloped aspect of PROUT is thus far that Shrii Sarkar was developing in the ecovillage network of Ananda Nagar in mid 1990. In the state of Chiapas, Mexico the Mayan indigenous people who had been suffering centuries of exploitation and abuse by the Spanish speaking elites created the Zapatista movement. This movement occupied various parts of their land by media campaigns, mass protests, physical intimidation and sometimes armed struggle. In these autonomous zones they created their own laws as per their own culture and spiritual tradtions, created their own school and other institutions and ended the exploitation by outsiders considerably.

However PROUT is committed to liberation of every socio-economic region or samája. Through movements for cultural revival a foundation is created for the struggle for economic svarája (self-sovereignty). Even more crucially, the liberation struggles of each samrája are coordinated in solidarity with the struggles of nearby samájas on the same continent and around the world. This is PROUT’s vision for international economic revolution in a nutshell.

Political Revolution

Capturing military power and control over the government has been the aim of most revolutions. From a PROUT point of view control over the government is not a revolution. Political power should be the manifestation of moral power in the administration of a region. Hence control a country is not the task of political revolution. Making the administration of the land into a means to spread morality, justice and equality is the purpose of political power. Thus, political power does not flow out of the barrel of a gun but out of the heart of a moralist on fire with love for suffering humanity.

Most importantly, as per PROUT, the political authorities have no right to interfere and control the economy. Their only economic duty is to prevent the rise of capitalist exploiters and to provide the infrastructure needed at the block level as per the people’s block-level plans. Furthermore the vision behind these economic plans is to develop the culture and spirituality of that block. Hence the entire focus of a government is towards the local region rather than vice-versa and finally the motivation comes not from profit but from the bliss of spiritual life.

Based on this vision PROUT’s political revolution calls for a World Government. Since September 11th 2001, a Global War on Terror began. On September 28, 2001, the United Nations passed a resolution forcing all members to create anti-terrorism laws. Most nations around the world responded by creating special laws that gave the government special rights to suspend all political liberties in case of an emergency or as part of the struggle to fight terrorism. Most recently the war is predicted to last for the next 80 years. In other words in the name of fighting terrorists (often sponsored by various governments) the people of each country are made to live in a climate of fear and their political rights are being taken. This is what has been called an International State of Emergency.

In India for example for the last decade we have seen what has been called a ‘silent Emergency.’ Those who protest are being intimidated by goondas, threats of arrest and by smear tactics in the media. Even the ancient law of sedition – not used since the era when the British persecuted Indian freedom fighters – has been revived. The goal is to create a police state in every country as part of a mission of a Global Police State. To help further this plan, the current Global Economic Depression has been created so as to create a climate of fear and panic. In addition fascist or religious extremists are being supported by capitalists in each country.

There are many who do not want a World Government. However if humanity remains chained to nationalism, the coming centuries will be as bloody as the last century as new economic empires will take over from the dying American economic empire like the Chinese empire. Then once again nations will suffer from the imperialism of this new superpower. The evil of nationalism has been proved countless times throughout history. So long as humanity remained chained to the doghouses of separate nations, it can never become free from the Global Police State. Humanity has a clear choice – Global Tyranny of the Corporate Police State or Global Democracy based on local economic democracy and undaunted spiritual revolutionary leaders (sadvipras) chosen by suffering humanity. The movement towards this spiritually based global government starts with a Global Bill of Rights to safeguard the economic svarája (self-sovereignty) of every bioregion (samája), to prevent the abuse of any minority anywhere in the world, to end the horror of imperial wars and colonialism and to safeguard the rights of plants, animals and the Earth itself.

The political aspect of nuclear revolution does not end here. Human beings of different species exist on other planets. Through Neohumanistic love a universal family of all human beings and all plants, animals and the environments of the planets will be created called Ánanda Parivára or Cosmic Family of Divine Bliss. The mission to spread out the sentiments of this Cosmic family love, Cosmic family values of sharing, caring and merging is called Mahávishva or the Great Universe. This is the Cosmic Vision of PROUT’s nuclear revolution.

With this thrilling destiny before us, we must answer the cry of suffering being everywhere for justice, dignity and love. Answering this cry is the Supreme Expression of our Divinity and our humanity.

“The prehistoric human beings remained involved in group and clan clashes. The present humanity is involved in crude wars for dogmas. Then how far have they advanced? Let the marching ahead towards the Supreme Desideratum, taking all together, be the only mission for today’s human race, and let the pauseless fight against any and all opposing forces on the way to fulfillment of this mission be the sole fight befitting a human being. Let this very struggle be reckoned as the Supreme Expression.”
Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

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