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When P.R. Sarkar Was Asked about Abortion

Above: A human embryo photographed 9-10 weeks old

By Ácárya Acyutánanda Avadhúta

In April 2015, a five-minute audio recording of the voice of Shrii P.R. Sarkar [bottom of page] came to the surface. The circumstances were odd: it was uploaded by a conspiracy theorist who claims to be an Ananda Margi; a well-known figure on the internet but shadowy as …

Women’s Rights

Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

We, men and women, are the progeny of the same Supreme Consciousness. Women and men are equally divine and inherit similar and equal rights to life, liberty and expression. The significance of life does not lie only in living. Animals also live. But life to us means something more – rather something much more.

To us, …

Women’s Rights

By Ácárya Acyutánanda Avadhúta

Courtesy of Ságnik, the global Girls’ Proutists magazine published in Kolkata. This article appeared in the  January 2020 issue.

Shrii P.R. Sarkar was a spiritual master who gave the world its most advanced system of spiritual practices and its most advanced cosmology; he was also a social philosopher and social architect who gave the world …

Economic Democracy: The Foundation of a Neo-Humanistic Family

In 1986, Shrii Sarkar revealed a new mission for humanity – economic democracy. He noted that in no country does there exist an economic democracy. At certain times in history, economic democracy may have existed for a brief period without any conscious awareness and without any clear principles. Later in1989, Shrii Sarkar also gave the mission to …

Equal Rights for Men and Women

By P.R. Sarkar

(August 1984, Calcutta) – Everything in this panoramic world is changing. There is a saying that as one bank of a river collapses, the other bank builds up. From the dawn of human civilization until today so many new, prosperous human settlements, so many impressive towns and cities, ports and metropolises have sprung up. After a period …

The Importance of Cultural Identity to Empower People: The Example of Barlovento

By Didi Ananda Sadhana, Director, Centro Madre, Barlovento, Venezuela
Translation of her presentation at the First Global Prout Conference in Venezuela, "Building a Solidarity Economy based on Ethics and Ecology", July 7-9, 2011, Caracas. Translated by Eugenio Mendoza and Dada Maheshvarananda.

Good morning. I would like to share with you my experience with a community project in Barlovento (in the …

The Dignity of Women: A Spiritual Approach

Garda Ghista
Perhaps one of the most renowned sayings of Shri Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar is that women are the most dignified section of society. Let us briefly examine the implications of this momentous statement. In his book Ananda Vacanamrtam, Pt. 30 on page 75, he explains in a nutshell the spiritual foundation of dignified living. When someone rushes towards Supreme …

From Matriarchy to Patriarchy

P.R. Sarkar
(1986, Calcutta) – The status of women in prehistoric human society was the same as that of independent females of any living species. The women, just like the men, spent their days in the lap of nature singing, dancing, laughing and playing. These conditions continued throughout the period when there was no human society as such and continued …

The Oldest Form of Slavery

Garda Ghista
“Today the clattering chariot wheels are turning. That din is making the hearts of the opportunists quake. This is the decree of fate. The pace of change is fast accelerating. Women in many communities of the world still do the household chores, but the men are earning the money. That is why the men are in an advantageous …

The Path of the Yoginii

A quest for spiritual and social freedom

Cosmic consciousness is bodiless, beyond sex or gender; however, spiritual aspirants, living in our everyday world, are not. Most humans cannot conceptualize a genderless entity. Consider the terminology, ‘in Him,’ or ‘God the Father’. In certain Buddhist and Hindu traditions, the female form is considered inferior to the male body, rendering women …