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Ideological Foundations of Progressive Socialism – 4

World Habitat

By P.R. Sarkar

Every atom and molecule of this universe is the common property of all living beings. This has to be recognized as a matter of principle. After recognizing this fact, statements such as, “This is indigenous and that is foreign”, “So-and-so is qualified for the citizenship of such-and-such country while others are not” and, “Such-and-such community …

The Subtlest Way of Enmity Is the Deprivation Of Prana Dharma

By P.R. Sarkar

The words práńa dharma mean the cardinal characteristic of a person which differentiates one person from another. Just as each human being has his or her own traits, similarly an entire race living within a particular geographical, historical and cultural environment will also inhere some traits which distinguish that particular race from other. These traits or specialities …

The Importance of Cultural Identity to Empower People: The Example of Barlovento

By Didi Ananda Sadhana, Director, Centro Madre, Barlovento, Venezuela
Translation of her presentation at the First Global Prout Conference in Venezuela, "Building a Solidarity Economy based on Ethics and Ecology", July 7-9, 2011, Caracas. Translated by Eugenio Mendoza and Dada Maheshvarananda.

Good morning. I would like to share with you my experience with a community project in Barlovento (in the …

The Value-oriented Middleclass

Beyond the Left and Right

Moral and spiritual people may be found among the rich and poor alike. In most cases however value-oriented activist-minded visionaries may be found particularly amongst the middle class.

This is the middle class of the warrior-minded and intellectual enslaved by the acquisitive class. Their class is not defined by economic or social standards, but by …

A People’s Fundamental Characteristics

By Trond Øverland

The inherent and fundamental characteristics of an entity—its nature—should be studied if one wants to care for and develop that entity. According to PROUT, the fundamental human characteristic has three aspects: physical, psycho-spiritual, and psycho-social.

Our physical characteristics includes  basic biological functions of sleep, hunger and thirst, procreative urge, and fight-or-flight survival response. These are aspects which …