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The Slave Trade in Women in Bengal

P.R. Sarkar
In the coastal areas of Bengal, the Portuguese carried out piracy. Their main business was to kidnap children and young men and women from the coastal areas if Chittagong, Noakhali and Bakharganj districts of eastern Bengal and sell them to wealthy families of western Bengal. They made huge profits out of this trade. The ealthy families of Burdwan, …

Social Justice for Women

P.R. Sarkar
In the sphere of society building we come across different sections of people moving in different ways. Looking at the whole social structure, these diversities carry a special significance. Had there been no diversities, human society would not have even arrived at the Stone Age, let alone the present civilization. We will have to recognize, we will have …

Women at the Mercy of Globalization – I

Globalization – an Introduction

Garda Ghista
We need to understand clearly, what is globalization. It is not an abstract academic or intellectual word. Globalization means global capitalism. In the most simplistic terms, capitalism means this: If you have 20 apples and 20 people, and if 1 person eats up 18 apples, then naturally his tummy will be full and happy. …

Women at the Mercy of Globalization – II

Localization – The Solution Is Cooperatives

Garda Ghista
Is there any solution to globalization? Is there any alternative? Is there any way to stop its growth? The key point is that we need to replace globalization with localization . We need to go back to an economic system whose hallmark is regional self-sufficiency created by small-scale industries. This is how …

Women’s Freedom

Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
For any society to progress and express its vitality, proper coordination between its members is essential. Sarkar emphasized that, “… this cooperation should be in a warm cordial atmosphere of free human beings, and not on a master and servant relationship. It should be a coordinated one, not a subordinated one.”

The freedom of women from patriarchy …

Women’s Liberation Struggle

Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
The freedom of women from unjust social laws of religious institutions, capitalist manipulation and a patriarchal social order is a fundamental factor in the humanisation of the society. The domination of women by men started about three to four thousand years ago during the ascendancy of the priest era. In the capitalist era it reached its culminating …

Women’s Rights

P.R. Sarkar
(April 1981, Calcutta) – We, men and women, are the progeny of the same Supreme Consciousness. Women and men are equally divine and inherit similar and equal rights to life, liberty and expression. The significance of life does not lie only in living. Animals also live. But life to us means something more—rather something much more.

To us …