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PROUT and Employment: Balanced Economy, Self-reliance and Cooperatives

A PROUT Globe presentation
In many undeveloped and developing countries of the world there is excessive population pressure on agriculture. It is improper if more than forty-five percent of the population is employed in agriculture.

In villages and small towns pre- and post harvest industries should be developed on the basis of the socio-economic potential of the region. Various other …

PROUT and Employment: Pragmatic Approaches to Eradicating Unemployment

A PROUT Globe presentation
To solve the unemployment problem in both the short and long term there must be an accurate understanding of the surplus and deficit manual and intellectual labor trends, PROUT holds. In India, for example, there is surplus manual labor in North Bihar, which is based upon an agricultural economy, and surplus intellectual labor in Calcutta. In …

PROUT and Employment: 100% Employment

A PROUT Globe presentation
PROUT aims at 100% employment for local people. The basic right of all people is to be guaranteed the minimum essentials for their existence, including at least proper food, clothing, housing, education and medical care, PROUT founder P.R. Sarkar maintained. This basic right should be arranged through cent per cent guaranteed employment, not through welfare or …

The US Cannot and Does Not Want to Fix its Unemployment Problem

(PROUT Globe, June 4, 2011) – The White House has said unemployment in the US is “uncomfortably high”. The pathetic admission came as the latest catastrophic American labour market figures were released yesterday.

The news set off dumping of shares on Wall Street amid speculation that the authorities would be forced into a third round of electronic money creation (quantitative …