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PROUT aims at 100% employment for local people. The basic right of all people is to be guaranteed the minimum essentials for their existence, including at least proper food, clothing, housing, education and medical care, PROUT founder P.R. Sarkar maintained. This basic right should be arranged through cent per cent guaranteed employment, not through welfare or dole-outs.

According to PROUT, 100% employment of the local people is the only way to solve the problems of unemployment. Local people are defined as those who have merged individual socio-economic interests with the socio-economic interests of the socio-economic unit they live in. The primary consideration is whether or not people have merged their individual interests with their socio-economic unit, regardless of their colour, creed, race, mother tongue, birthplace, etc.

Those who earn their livelihood in a particular socio-economic unit but spend their earnings in another socio-economic unit should be considered as outsiders or non-local people, as this practice is not in accordance with the interests of the socioeconomic unit in which they are employed. It results in the drainage of the capital necessary for the continued growth of that unit and undermines its economic development.

Stock exchanges and other speculative platforms should be closed down immediately in order to pave the way for full employment. In nearly all cases the profits capitalists accrue are spent outside the local area and remitted to outside stockholders and parent companies, wrote Sarkar. An essential measure to control this economic exploitation is to close down those speculative markets in all countries of the world.

Short term solutions

To create 100% employment among local people, PROUT supports both a short term and a long term economic plan. In the short term plan, labor intensive industries based on the collective minimum requirements of life should be started immediately or made more productive where they already exist.

These short term industries should be based on the consumption motive. They should also provide a rational profit in order to guarantee adequate purchasing capacity to those employed in them and to ensure their continued existence and growth. For example, in places where there is virtually no industry due to over-emphasis on inefficient agriculture, all kinds of pre- and post-harvest industries can be developed to alleviate the unemployment problem.

Long term solutions

In the long term plan, capital intensive industries should also be developed to increase the productive capacity of the socioeconomic unit, PROUT holds. It advocates a three-tiered economic structure, that is, small scale privately owned businesses, medium scale cooperatives and large scale key industries managed by the immediate government.

Such an economic structure should be based on the principles of self-reliance, maximum utilization, rational distribution, decentralization, rationalization and progressive increases in the standard of living of all people. Through the never ending creation of new industries, new products and new production techniques incorporating the latest scientific discoveries, the vitality of the economy can be increased. As part of the long term economic plan, working hours may also be progressively reduced to maintain full employment.

Key points

PROUT’s solutions to the galloping unemployment problem include:

  • Investing local people with full control over their economy – no foreign influence or intervention permitted in the local area.
  • Evolving decentralized and not centralized economies.
  • Developing the cooperative sector as the major industrial and economic area of activity.
  • Placing economic liberation in a universal perspective that takes into account the legacy, environment and resources of people everywhere (while capitalism promotes a western urban elitist lifestyle through its commercial world media and pseudo-culture).

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