The PROUT Companion: The Four Aspects

Developed social thought ought to be comprised of the following four aspects: philosophy, theory of history, economic theory and political thought.

Philosophy is the synthetic interpretation of cosmology – the origin and evolution of the entire Cosmic phenomenon. It deals with the origin and development of the species including the human. It explains the origin and existential position of human beings and how they attain Cosmic status. Philosophy teaches the wisdom that inspires one to move ahead. It shows the path to direct one’s physical, metaphysical and spiritual potentialities towards the ultimate sublimity. A social philosophy that would guide and propel human beings and their society towards sublimity should therefore have a philosophy of life in the true spirit of the term.

A theory of history should depict the dynamics of social order and the forces responsible for this dynamism. A grasp of such theory enables one to understand the subtler social forces of today and set one on course to bring about new history in the right direction for the good of human beings and their society. Social philosophy must project a scientific theory of history.

Economic development of society tended by benevolent principles leads society to achieve affluence and individuals to attain economic security. Besides liberating human beings from the fear of socioeconomic insecurity, it inspires and enables them to evolve and utilize their metaphysical and spiritual potentialities progressively to their maximum. Towards this end, the social philosophy must have a scientific economic thought.

Political motivation based on an ideological concept and a political structure in the form of an organization based on ethics and virtue are essential for true socioeconomic development. The domination of political motivation devoid of the above factors only produces Machiavellian tacticians and populists. Either of these corrupt the sociopolitical structure. Instead of involving people in society building in a real way, pseudo-democrats, socialists and social democrats pollute the psycho-social atmosphere by nurturing evil and narrow emotions. Their goal is to ultimately establish their crony rule or personal dictatorship. The victim is society, suffering from torture and exploitation. To save society from such torments and travail and to ensure its ever-growing socioeconomic development, proper political thought is essential.

Prout contains all these four aspects, outlined in the following four chapters, of a well-evolved social philosophy: Philosophy, Theory of History, Economic Aspects (Industrial Policy and Agricultural Policy), and Political System.

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  1. Some of us want to implement the PROUTSpolitical thought by forming a political party will you help us please ?

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