The PROUT Companion: PROUT’s Five Fundamental Principles

Q. Why is it called Progressive Utilization Theory?

Our universe is a Cosmic projection. The Cosmic One is the Creator. Hence the final ownership of every object lies with Supreme Consciousness, our Cosmic father. We, as the children of the Supreme Progenitor, are all entitled to utilize the properties of the entire universe as our common patrimony. As limited living beings in an ever-changing world each one of us is more or less constricted in our outlook and in our ability to deal with the universe and our society. At the same time we are in need of sustaining our individual and collective existence. Therefore we have a constant motivation to progress and develop in order to realize still more of the universe and its wealth. Hence ours is the theory of progressive utilization.

Q. Is this concept of Supreme Consciousness a sentimental ideal or an existing entity to whom ownership may be attributed?

Human beings are psycho-sentimental entities. We cannot conceive of a person without sentiments. It is a particular sentimental composition that causes us to experience pleasure or pain in particular circumstances, and also enables us to perform acts of trivial and extraordinary natures. Sentimental obsessions are powerful motivating forces behind economic attachments and hoarding. An urge to accumulate more and more economic power results in economic exploitation. This is the exploiter’s psychic disease. The subtle and sublime sentiment of the Supreme Father, Cosmic family and common patrimony will motivate human beings towards collective good and keep them from developing false notions of ownership and consequent exploitation.

Moreover, the attribution of ownership to Supreme Consciousness is a factual statement based on rational deduction and spiritual realization. Findings of science speak of a nucleus in every structure. One cannot imagine a structure without a nucleus, whether it is the atomic structure or the solar system. The cosmological structure, comprising innumerable galaxies must therefore also have a nucleus, which spiritualists call Supreme Consciousness. According to scientific explanations given by spiritual cosmology, Supreme Consciousness is the causal factor of the eternal dynamism of the cosmological structure in the form of centrifugal and centripetal forces. Moreover the five fundamental factors of the physical universe – ethereal, aerial, luminous, liquid and solid – are the crude manifestations of the same Supreme Consciousness. These five states of matter are the creation of Supreme Consciousness out of which all other materials are made by human beings. The presence of the will of a conscious entity, the will of Supreme Consciousness, in the Cosmic phenomenon is gaining acceptance by physicists. These physicists strongly contend that the role of determinism in physical phenomenon can be ruled out most probably as independent will power apparently plays a definite role in the Cosmic phenomenon.

Spiritualists offer to teach a psychological method whereby every individual can perceive and experience the existence and functioning of Supreme Consciousness. By devoting some time and personal resources to inner work on a regular basis, through “certain experiments in our inner laboratory,” human beings can easily realize the time-tested truth of great masters and modern science: We are part of the Whole, we are the Whole. This is the Supreme Truth and the essence of Supreme Consciousness The concept that the ownership of all things lies with Supreme Consciousness is therefore a scientific fact as well as a sublime sentiment. This potent reality will revolutionize the whole concept of social philosophy in a way hitherto not conceived of by any social thinker. PROUT accepts this as its fundamental concept.

Q. What are the fundamental principles of PROUT?

PROUT has five fundamental principles from which all policies concerning human society are to be derived. Policies of utilization will go on changing progressively but not these fundamentals:

  1. No individual should be allowed to accumulate any physical wealth without the clear permission or approval of the collective body.
  2. There should be maximum utilization and rational distribution of all mundane, supra-mundane and spiritual potentialities of the universe.
  3. There should be maximum utilization of physical, metaphysical and spiritual potentialities of unit and collective bodies of human society.
  4. There should be proper adjustment amongst those physical, metaphysical, mundane, supra-mundane and spiritual utilizations.
  5. The method of utilization should vary in accordance with the changes in time, space and person and the utilization should be of progressive nature.

Q. According to its first fundamental principle, PROUT allows accumulation but curtails it. Why?

Accumulation is a natural urge inherent in human beings. A complete ban on that inherent psychic urge leads to social tension and may even cause cracks in the sociopolitical setup. As a matter of fact, it was so experienced in some communist countries. There, to counteract this natural urge under the nicknames of subversion, revision, diversion, etc., concerned autocratic regimes resorted to dictatorial and repressive measures in the name of revolutions. Yet tensions (as reactions to repression) continued to erupt until communism finally fell. PROUT allows accumulation as permitted by the collective body (see below about the collective body).

Q. Why curtailment?

The entire universe is everybody’s joint property. All have the same right of use, i.e. right to enjoy and utilize the products of a property that he or she does not really own. The actual ownership lies with the Supreme. Since the resources of the universe, however vast they may be, are in fact finite, no one has the right to abuse them. Those who accumulate very much wealth and hoard it directly curtail the happiness and conveniences of others. Their behavior is flagrantly antisocial. Because all physical wealth is limited its accumulation cannot be allowed beyond a certain limit without commendation of society. Moreover, the nature of the social, educational, economic and other policies that will be chalked out in a Proutistic society is such that the urge to accumulate physical wealth will wane as a consequence.

The collective body is the representation of society at any level, such as the village, regional or global level, by individuals who by dint of their spiritual-ethical approach, service and sacrifice are in intimate touch with the people’s aspirations and their collective good.

These collective bodies will not function like political parties clamoring and gambling for power. Lust for political power makes political leaders degenerate into demagogic populists, and demagoguery makes democracy degenerate into dictatorship.

Q. Why is there a need for collective bodies? Are the present institutions of government not capable of bringing the all-round development of society?

If the human body is a vehicle, then the human mind is its driver and the mental propensities of most of us are like untamed horses pulling the vehicle hither and tither. Without mental control human beings are slave to their propensities. In order to contain those untamed horses a conscious and determined effort is needed to turn their course inward. Otherwise they will drag us into a wild race of extrovert desires and ambitions that will eventually harm both us as well as our fellow beings.

The development of a balanced personality is possible through ethical observation and spiritual practices. A person no matter how intellectually elevated cannot raise him- or herself above mundane desires and selfish motivations if he or she remains without a moral compass and regular spiritual practice. Devoid of any such guidance he or she will not remain above corruption, either mental or physical. Hence there is a need for personalities – above self aggrandizement, desire and ambition – to guide and supervise not only individuals but society’s affairs, too. As no single person of even such grand stature can be a sure guarantee against downfall, PROUT suggests the concept of collective bodies at all levels. This system will play a watchdog function over local and regional governments all the way up to the supreme collective body at the world government level.

Human history has proven the necessity of a well-integrated collective body. If there had been such elevated collective bodies in all countries, the world could well have been saved from severe torture, brutality, horrors, exile and deportation. Millions of innocent citizens could have been spared the mischief and violations of their privacy by the CIA, KGB, CBI and innumerable other secret police agencies. No arbitrary rule or state of emergency could have been declared anywhere by power-giddy usurpers to make the lawful institutions of a nation subservient to the rule of brutality. A structure is essential, composed of fearless, courageous, impartial and above all unselfish persons who can keep the aforementioned beasts of destructive selfishness in check and under control.

For these reasons the present political institutions in all shapes and forms are incapable of effecting all-round progress of human society. They remain wholly unreliable when it comes to not putting their interests above the common good.

PROUT conceives of the emergence of the collective bodies throughout a network of civil society-based institutions dedicated to selfless service and the collective good. The emergence of such benevolent collective bodies as platforms of genuine, beloved leaders of the people will be the natural consequence of psycho-social churning. The governing bodies on the other hand as elected institutions will continue to determine the mode and method of utilizations (propounded in PROUT’s first four fundamental principles) and pull them into action – under the surveillance and moral authority of the collective bodies. In this way PROUT differentiates clearly between the two.

Q. What is meant by maximum utilization and rational distribution of mundane, supra-mundane and spiritual potentialities?

Whatever wealth and resources are inherent in the crude (mundane), subtle (supra-mundane) and causal (spiritual) worlds should be developed and used for the benefit of all unites. The development of the resources hidden in the five fundamental elements, i.e. solid, liquid, luminous, aerial and ethereal (space), will be accomplished through the media of 100 % honest use and sincere efforts. Human beings will have to explore land, sea and space in all earnestness to discover and utilize the requisite materials. Science and technology are to be evolved accordingly. In the evolution of the use of thermal power we are moving on in our exploration of the usage of solar, ocean and wind energy and this utilization will have to grow more and more progressive.

In the supra-mundane spheres, too, human beings will continue to explore the cultural, ethical and intellectual potentialities of the universe. Inquiries and advancements into subtler realms will continue as human beings get to understand more of the role of the mental and psycho-spiritual in all human affairs.

The wealth explored and amassed by human society in this way must be rationally distributed with proper adjustment and consideration. Apart from meeting the indispensable minimum necessities of everyone, requirements of the meritorious will be kept in mind. In this way there will be harmony between availability and necessity, effecting congruous growth within and among the various sections of society.

Q. What is meant by maximum utilization of physical, metaphysical and spiritual potentialities of the unit and the collective body of human society?

The development and utilization of the collective body, collective mind and collective spiritual bearing have to be effected. The collective good lies in the good of individuals while the individual good lies in that of the collectivity. In order to benefit the collective body, its individuals will be provided with physical essentials and amenities on strength of their purchasing power earned in employment. PROUT’s wise employment and earning policies will secure the optimal development of the physical potential of the individual.

A proper sense of collective and corporate life – a sense of service and sacrifice beyond education – will evolve and develop the metaphysical aspect of individuality and consequently the collective mind.

Awakening of spirituality and ethical drive in individuals will instill the collective with spiritual and moral values without which the backbone of the collectivity would break. One or two powerful, learned or wise persons, or one or two spiritualists are no guarantee for advancement and progress of the whole society. Nor can they create that physico-psycho-spiritual stance by which those three-fold potentialities of the unit and collective bodies will get their maximum development and utilization. The mind and self of every individual have the potential for limitless expansion and development. That potentiality has got to be harnessed and brought to fruition. Only then can qualitative change take place and we will see a human society free from exploitation, distrust and discord.

Q. What does PROUT imply by propounding that there should be a proper adjustment amongst the physical, metaphysical, mundane, supramundane and spiritual utilizations?

The social and spiritual pursuits of an individual should be balanced so that harmony is maintained among his or her physical, mental and spiritual aspects. The lack of adjustment among these inherent factors of human beings results in lopsided development of both persons and societies. The numerous instances of material growth leading to indiscipline and frustration in the West and neglect of such at the altar of ritualism and dogmatic religion in the East speak for themselves. The  dreadful result of the removal of ancient maxims of divine authority under communist rule – its crude inhumanity – proved well the importance of proper all-round adjustment. If the mentors of those societies had realized this much, human society could have been saved from bloodshed and horrors wrought and carried out only for the sake of the material and the physical evolution of society.

The law of adjustment and parallelism further stipulates that while involving a person who is physically, mentally and spiritually developed, society will follow a well-balanced policy of equity and fair play. Society will utilize the subtlest potentiality, the spiritual, to its maximum, and the cruder sparingly. Similarly, in case of a person who is physically and mentally developed, the latter potentiality is to be utilized the most. Society will utilize the physical potentiality more in a person who is mostly physically developed. The same goes for entire societies; they differ too, just as individuals do as regards the three-fold potentialities – physical, mental and spiritual.

When an individual possesses mostly baser potentialities, there will be an endeavor to instil in him or her the subtler potentialities through education, spiritual teaching and conducive company.

Q. Under whose control and guidance can society achieve maximum development of the utilizations and adjustment among them?

Social control should be in the hands of spiritual aspirants who are intelligent as well as bold. It should not be in the hands of those who are only brawny or those who are only brave, or those who are only smart or intelligent, or those who are only worldly-wise. Only courageous, bold and intelligent spiritualists can make society bring about the maximum development of all potentialities and ensure a happy and benevolent adjustment among those potential utilizations.

Q. What does PROUT mean by stating that the utilizations should be of progressive nature?

Nothing in the universe is stationary. Every object is subject to changes in time, place and person. Their value may change because they way are being used is changing and because the necessities of life continue to change. What was great yesterday may be ordinary today and of no use tomorrow. Similarly an idea that was of no significance yesterday may be thought provoking today and on everybody’s mind tomorrow. Progress is the keynote of existence. Stagnation is death. As such one has to be progressive in the practical use of any object, any need, any concept.

Keeping in view the idea of progress and advancement, we have to make gradually greater and greater use of human potentiality. If a machine can do the work that ten men may do with hammers so let it, and let those ten persons move on to greater utilization of their active and slumbering potentials. To promote the use of tools and apparatus of an earlier era in that of a more developed one is not a sign of progress. Snags and obstacles of any size may at any time crop up to obstruct society’s progressive march propelled by dynamic ideation and progressive imagination. Such obstacles must be faced courageously; humanity has to march on and on through clash and cohesion. Those people who do not understand this basic truth want to remain entombed in old conventions and narrow sentiments. Such torpid persons have no place in a dynamic society. In fact, their narrow psychic complexes keep them away from the realities with the result that they are compelled to slink away and be doomed to oblivion after having done indescribable harm to human society.

PROUT stands for increased utilization of people’s various resources and not their unemployment. Its  production policy is consumption-oriented and not profit-motivated. Within PROUT’s overarching framework of maximum utilization and rational distribution it will ensure that people’s individual and collective talents and potentials are continuously applied for the happiness and good of all, and not for someone’s profit.

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