5th fundamental principle of PROUT

The method of utilization should vary in accordance with changes in time, space and person, and the utilization should be of progressive nature.

Purport: The proper use of any object changes in accordance with the changes in time, place and person. Those who cannot understand this simple reality want to cling to the skeleton of the past and are consequently rejected by contemporary, living society. Sentiments based on narrow national outlook, regional outlook or caste pride etc., tend to keep people away from rudimental facts and original ideas. Those influenced by such sentiments cannot openly accept the simple truth. Consequently they are compelled to slink away to the back stage after having done indescribable damage to their country and fellow citizens.

Changes in the use of every object inevitably occur according to changes in time, place and person. After recognizing this fact people will have to progressively utilize every object and every idea. For example, scientific research must be applied so that a person, instead of wielding one huge hammer today, will be able to wield many hammers simultaneously, using the same strength. In other words, scientific research, guided by progressive ideas, should extract greater and greater service from the same human potential. It is not a sign of progress to use outdated scientific technology in an age of developed science.

Human beings will have to bravely face whatever large and small obstacles that may arise due to the use of various resources and materials created by progressive ideas and developed technology. Human beings have to march forward to victory on the path of all-round fulfilment in life. (From Ananda Sutram, 1962)

Take a particular example. Suppose a physically strong person serves the society as a rickshaw puller or a market porter. As the rickshaw may become out dated some day, the method of utilizing their physical strength should vary. If a person is intellectually developed but has the same physical strength as others, their intellectual potentiality should be utilized. Thus the process of utilization will not be the same for all people. Better methods of utilization should be continually developed, but the process of utilization should be progressive in nature.

From “Talks on Prout” (1961), Prout In a Nutshell 15

Sarkar: The specialty of the fifth principle of PROUT

The Reality of Change

The fifth fundamental principle states: “The method of utilization should vary with the changes in time, place and person and the utilization should be of a progressive nature.” This stresses the flexibility necessary for Sarkar’s ideas to be a code of universal principles and not a dogma or reaction to an existing set of conditions. The proper use of all capacities and resources is always relative to the various environmental factors and there has to be a continuous effort to match policy and action to these circumstances. Changes in technology, the natural environment, culture and even human biology will destroy any narrow attempt to comprehend the form of human needs and the conditions for progress.

The fundamental principles of Prout provide the foundation for a progressive socialist economy and are intended to endure both flexibility and universality in economic management to guarantee ‘the good and happiness of all’.

From New Aspects of Prout, by Jayanta Kumar, Proutist Universal Publications, Denmark 1987

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Deep background: Method of Utilization, from the booklet PROUT What It Stands For

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