2nd Social Principle of PROUT

In the nucleus of the social cycle spiritual revolutionaries (sadvipras) control the cycle in order to liberate all.

Spiritual revolutionaries are those moral and spiritual aspirants who want to put an end to exploitation and vice by the application of force. They do no belong to the periphery of this cycle because they will control the social cycle positioned as its driving shaft or nucleus. The social cycle (samaja cakra) must revolve, but if the military in the warrior age or the intellectuals in the intellectual age or the capitalists in the capitalist age degenerate to play the role of exploiters instead of administrators, in that case the inherent characteristics of spiritual revolutionaries shall be to protect the honest and the exploited, and to bring under control the dishonest and rapacious exploiters, through the application of their special force.

Ananda Sutram (1962)

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The Place of Spiritual Revolutionaries in the Social Cycle, P.R. Sarkar
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