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The Importance of PROUT and its Concept of Prama

By Dr. Leonardo Boff

The exceptional importance of the PROUT system resides in two fundamental points: its completeness and its viability. The entire system comes from a correct understanding of the human being, personal and collective, and authentic human development…

In every person there are three dimensions: the physical, the mental and the spiritual. The three of them are to …

Dynamic Balance – 3

By P.R. Sarkar

(1) Question: Suppose in a particular land there is no shortage of food and other physical necessities of life, but psychic structure moves within the four walls of a particular “ism” – there is no scope for free psychic movement. Can there be physical or psychic triangular dynamic equilibrium and equipoise (Pramátrikońa) in that land?…

Dynamic Balance – 2

By P.R. Sarkar

You know that the path of Gaotama Buddha was the path of abnegation (nivrtti márga). To speak the truth, he peaked on the path of abnegation. As a seeker of the path of emancipation Buddha chose the path of abnegation. Although his path was not the path of extreme austerities like Varddhamána Maháviira [the founder of …

Dynamic Balance (Prama)

P.R. Sarkar
In the primordial phase of creation, the three attributional principles of the Cosmic force of creation evolve countless geometric figures which all eventually get transformed into triangles of forces (gunatrikona in Sanskrit):

Trigunátmiká srst´imátrká ashesátrikona dhárá.
“Whenever there are more than three forces operating, the tendency is invariably to form a stable triangular figure.”

As long …