Gayattrii Garda Ghista (1944-2012)

On February 20, 2012, neohumanist activist, scholar, author and dear sister Gayattrii Garda Ghista passed away.

A woman of exceptional righteous passion and conceptual clarity, Ghista was a prolific writer who published numerous academic and revolutionary articles, as well as books on PROUT founder P.R. Sarkar, wife abuse, and The Gujarat Genocide available at She began contributing to PROUT World (the predecessor to PROUT Globe) in the early 2000s at the time when she had decided to pursue higher academic studies.

Loved by many, who came to know her at conferences, on Internet fora, etc., for her universal generosity and ardent love for every manifestation of God’s creation, and perhaps unavoidably less admired by those who came to stand in the way of her characteristic straightforwardness, Gayattrii Garda Ghista was unparalleled in her all-out commitment to the manifestation of the ideals of PROUT.

Obituary at AM Memorial

The following contributions by Gayattrii Garda Ghista are published on PROUT Globe at present:

Economic Democracy: The Foundation of a Neo-Humanistic Family
Marginalized Communities of West Bengal: Their Lives, Their Exploitation, Their Future
Ruthless Economic Austerity Measures: Crushing Exploitation of the European People – But For How Long?
The Fall of the American Empire And the Rise of a New Economy
Ecological Economics: Seeking a Sustainable Society
Economic Peace: From Corporatism to a Cooperative Commonwealth
From Humanism to Neohumanism
Theodemocracy – the Emerging Global Paradigm
How Long Casteism?
The Dignity of Women: A Spiritual Approach
The Oldest Form of Slavery
Women at the Mercy of Globalization

From PROUT World archives (

Failed Constitution, Failed State
Economics of War
Pre-Emptive Invasion and International Law
Rights of Prisoners and International Law
Katrina and American Education
Muckrakers and Freedom of the Press in the 20th Century and Beyond
The Furies of Fallujah
Economic Consequences of Iraq Occupation
ASI and the Globalization of Slavery
Date Rape Drugs
Our Sister Amina
The Status of Women in World Religion
Wife Abuse
Their Tears
GM Foods – How Little We Know
Weeping For Water
Water Democracy Means Economic Democracy: Libya’s Great Man-Made River, the Eighth Wonder of the World
You Hide – O Gift of the Nile
Imminent Consequences of Global Climate Change
Whither Human Population?
Biodiversity – Underprotected or Overprotected?

Ladybug (for Garda Ghista 1944-2012), by Gary Corseri

2 thoughts on “Gayattrii Garda Ghista (1944-2012)”

  1. I am in tears as I write this comment. I knew Garda as a friend although I never met her. I became interested to know her after reading her book ‘The Gujarat Genocide’. We used to be in correspondence via internet and she enlightened me about her project of World Prout Asembly.
    An angel like person. A true humanist, her universal approach to human suffering is unsurpassed.
    Sometimes we used to have sarcastically humorous conversations through skype reminding ourselves of the selfish folk on ths planet and whether we can ever change them.
    I suddenly remembered her today for some reason and was wondering why she was not answering my calls since a few months. When I checked her on google i got the shock of my life to hear that she succumbed to breast cancer. The las time I spoke to her was when she told me she was working with poor people somewhere in Bengal. What a woman! What a human!
    All I can say now is ‘ O god. I have lost a friend in this world.’ This world will be certainly poorer without her.
    The question we have to ask ourselves is why do such good people on this earth meet with such a sorry fate. Yet there are so many evil people living and harming humanity day after day and are doing just fine.Is there any such thing as good or bad or is it just thinking that makes it so.
    May God the Almighty grant her the best place in paradise. Aameen.

    Tearfully yours


    NB I would appreciate if someone who was close to her can write to me about her last moments.

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