PROUT and Employment: Pragmatic Approaches to Eradicating Unemployment

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To solve the unemployment problem in both the short and long term there must be an accurate understanding of the surplus and deficit manual and intellectual labor trends, PROUT holds. In India, for example, there is surplus manual labor in North Bihar, which is based upon an agricultural economy, and surplus intellectual labor in Calcutta. In both places there is high unemployment.

In most of the countries of the world where there is high unemployment, there is surplus manual labor. Hence manual labor intensive industries are required to create employment. In some instances where deficit labor exists for an expanding industry, retraining programs may equip workers with the necessary skills for employment.

Another way to help solve unemployment, especially in rural communities, is the utilization of plants for economic self-reliance. All socio-economic units have the potential to increase their plant and crop varieties by properly matching these with the soil, topography and climatic conditions etc. in their units.

Reforestation can reclaim arid and semi-arid regions. Pre- and post-harvest industries based upon the productive potential of different plants can also help solve rural unemployment by creating a range of new goods and services. There are many dimensions to this revolutionary plant rationalization program, which is also a practical expression of the ideals of Neohumanism, Sarkar emphasized.

New technology – blessing or curse?

The use of new technology has only supported capitalism’s drive for continuous reorganization and streamlining of production in order to increase profit margins. Such mechanization of labor under capitalism inevitably generates unemployment – increasing misery for those who are being left with no job.

Under PROUT, new technology and mechanization will lead to less labor and more prosperity for all. It is possible, Sarkar reflected, that as a result of mechanization no one will be required to work for more than five minutes a week.

Not always being preoccupied with the problems of acquiring food, clothing, etc., people’s psychic and spiritual potentialities will no longer be wasted. One will be able to devote ample time to such activities as sports, literary pursuits and spiritual practices. This is not possible under capitalism, due to the overarching dictate to maintain profit margins and a constant influence of degenerating media and pseudo-culture.

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