PROUT Globe Dictionary: Sadvipra

Sadvipra (Sanskrit) is Sarkar’s term for morally and spiritually enlightened leadership.

Different from the members of the four ordinary social classes — toilers, warriors, intellectuals and merchants — sadvipras are de-classed personalities with a goal and purpose beyond what defines the motivations of the aforesaid four classes. At times when society tends to grind to a halt, sadvipras have a special evolutionary and revolutionary function; where there is a particular need for fresh impetus and inspiration, and when society needs to move on and away from exploitative dominance. Sadvipras derive their influence and power from their social and spiritual merit. They do not work collectively from elected platforms (legislative, judiciary, executive) but form their own bodies parallel to the democratic structure from where they monitor the established system and act like a soundboard for the electorate and people in general.

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