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Book: Socio-economic Democracy and the World Government

In Socio-economic Democracy and the World Government biomedical and physics professor Dhanjoo Ghista presents PROUT in perspectives of collective capitalism, depovertization, human rights, and as a template for sustainable peace. The book serves as a valuable teaching, learning, knowledge and research resource for a holistic approach to a sustainable living environment promoting collective welfare. It is also a multi-stage road-map …

Democratic World Governance

Trond Overland
The Copenhagen climate summit (December 2009) was no Xmas gift to the world. In its aftermath Canadian climate advocate George Dvorsky of Sentient Developments listed five reasons1 for the summit’s failure to reach an internationally binding deal on the climate crisis:

  1. Nation-states are far too self-serving
  2. Democracies are too ill-equipped and irresolute to deal with pending crises

Confederated World Government

P.R. Sarkar
To materialize the concept of universalism a world government is necessary. This world government should be a confederation of all the federated states of the world. These federated states will consist of self-sufficient economic units or zones formed entirely on socio-economic and geographical considerations. Economically developed areas have a tendency to exploit economically undeveloped areas and hence federated …