Benefits of Global Government

By P.R. Sarkar

Many people say that different national interests are the only hurdle in the formation of a world government. In my opinion this is not the only obstruction; rather, this is just a minor difficulty. The real cause lies in the fear of local leaders losing their leadership. With the establishment of a world government the powerful influence, which they enjoy today in different countries, societies and in national life, will no longer exist.

Different national interests and popular skepticism may hinder the formation of a world government. The progress of this work must be carried on step by step to remove the baseless fears in the human minds. Besides, due consideration will have to be given to removing any possible obstacles to the formation of a world government. The world government has to be strengthened step by step and not suddenly.

For example, two houses may be formed for an unspecified period for administration. The lower house will comprise representatives from parts of the world elected on the basis of population, while members of the upper house will be elected country wise. By this arrangement those countries which cannot send a single representative to the lower house due to their small population, will benefit by expressing their opinions before the people of the world by sending their representatives to the upper house. The upper house cannot adopt any resolution unless the lower house has ratified it, but it will enjoy the privilege of disallowing the decisions of the lower house.

In the first stage this world government may act only as a law framing body. The world government will be vested with framing the rights of implementation or non-implementation of any particular law in any particular region. In the beginning when the world government is being established, the government of different countries will have only administrative power. As they will not have any power to enact any laws arbitrarily; it will not be easy for any government to inflict atrocities on its linguistic, religious, or political minorities according to the whims of the governing majority.

26 January 1958, Bhagalpur
From Problems of the Day

What will be the benefits and advantages to be enjoyed by people if a global government is formed?

There are several benefits and advantages:

  • The huge expense of maintaining a militia in each country will be saved and this saving can be used by people for their benefit.
  • Human beings will be saved from psychic tension.
  • There will be less bloodshed.
  • There will be free movement of people from one corner of the globe to the other.

10 December 1987, Calcutta
From “Questions and answers”, Prout In a Nutshell 12

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