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Proletarian Revolution and Post-capitalist Society

spirevP. R. Sarkar
The inevitable consequence of capitalist exploitation is proletariat revolution. When capitalists, maddened with excessive greed, lose their common sense completely and bid farewell to humanism totally, it is time for proletariat revolution to burst forth. But it will be futile to expect it just because of the ripe time. For this, conditions relating to place and person …

Ruthless Economic Austerity Measures: Crushing Exploitation of the European People – But For How Long?

By Garda Ghista

In mid-May, 2010, European leaders met with International Monetary Fund (IMF) leaders and finally reached an agreement comprising a £750 billion rescue package for the euro. Since then, announcements have taken place every single day regarding ruthless, merciless new austerity measures which the common people of Europe will have to now face. Workers and non-workers alike will …

Prout’s Theory of Revolution

Trond Overland
To understand PROUT involves understanding revolutionary dynamics. Apart from formulating an original concept of revolution, PROUT discusses a number of revolutionary concerns such as the spiritual, historical psychosocial cycles and the structural.

PROUT defines revolution as “the application of tremendous force within a short time to destroy the formidable control of any era and replace it by the …

Nuclear Revolution

P.R. Sarkar
A society may be described as the collection of numerous parallel psychic waves which originate due to the psychic tendency of moving together in unison. The glory of human society lies in the formation of a universal collective structure inspired by exalted ideas.

Dynamicity and staticity are inseparably associated with both individual and collective movement. Society is constantly …