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The Importance of Asanas in Revolutionary Meditation

By Trond Øverland

This article follows up on the earlier article “Revolutionaries Should Practice Yoga” published in Prout Magazine (Delhi) May 2016. As mentioned there, in order to establish pervasive synthesis in society spiritual revolutionaries should practice yoga. The following looks at the functioning of the practice of yogic asanas in particular as an essential vehicle to healthy living in 

Krishnanagar Prout UTC

Picture above: A section of the audience enjoying the street theatre performance of Mukta Bhumir Meye ("Daughters of Liberated Land") downtown Krishnanagar during the Prout UTC

(Krishnanagar, 21 December) – A five-day Prout utilisation camp (UTC) was conducted at Krishnanagar in Nadia District, West Bengal from 17 to 21 December. More than 300 students, youth, Prout leaders (BPs, UBPs and various committee …

Successful PROUT Field Effort in Midnapur, WB

Picture above: The PROUT Parikrama at Goaltor village, Midnapur District, West Bengal

(PROUT Globe) – A four-day Prout Parikrama ("moving around") in Midnapur district of West Bengal was held to promote Prout in this significant cadre-producing district. The Parikrama started on 12th October from the Kerani tala Ananda Marga School campus. A motorcade of five four-wheelers and a bus carrying …

Implementing PROUT

Photo: From a 2014 PBI rally in Bhuvaneshwar, Odisha, India.

By Acharya Santosananda Avadhuta

From prehistoric times human beings have been strongly motivated by the urge to lead a happy and    peaceful life. This irresistible urge expressed itself in the form of the origin and evolution of science and technology. While human beings have been active on the material …

What Makes Cooperatives Successful?

R.M. Baseman, an associate researcher and advisor to the PROUT Research Institute of Venezuela, conducted a passive Internet survey to find worldwide consensus on the question of co-op success. First he found primary-source articles and publications in which authors expressed opinions and conclusions about the success and failure of co-ops. The sources reflected experience from all continents and more than …

Economic and Social Questions About Your Area

“Know the area,” said P.R. Sarkar. If you understand which are the right questions to ask, you are close to finding the answers. Below is a list of questions for a PROUT Study/Action Circle and to kick-start a block level plan. Sources you can consult to find the answers include government statistics, non-governmental organizations, the United Nations and the CIA

PROUT Slogans

Brief, electrifying slogans, about 5-12 words each, can inspire people and awaken their curiosity about PROUT. Choose your favorites, combine them, create your own. Put on banners, signs and T-shirts, with small letters at the bottom: “The Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT)” and the local web page.

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